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Changing Clothes in China: Fashion, History, Nation
'This attractive and approachable book presents an overview of Chinese dress, both male and female, from the late imperial period to the present. ...It is a significant addition to the literatureExpand
china on the catwalk: between economic success and nationalist anxiety
  • A. Finnane
  • Economics
  • The China Quarterly
  • 1 September 2005
in the post-mao era china competed successfully for a place in the international trade in textiles and apparel, but its economic success has not been matched by recognition of chinese fashion designExpand
Speaking of Yangzhou: A Chinese City, 1550-1850
The early-twentieth-century essayist Zhu Ziqing once wrote that he had only to mention the name of his hometown of Yangzhou to someone in Beijing and the person would respond, "A fine place! A fineExpand
Bandung 1955 : little histories
The Bandung Conference was one of the great political events of the 1950s. More than half a century after the first great gathering of heads of independent Asian and African countries, this bookExpand
Dress, sex and text in Chinese culture
In their introduction, the editors ask how contemporary Chinese men and women are reshaping constructions of gender roles in a time of dramatic social and economic transformation.
Yangzhou's "Mondernity": Fashion and Consumption in the Early-Nineteenth-Century World
What does it mean to talk about “fashion” in a Chinese context? Presented withChinese fashionmagazines and fashion shows,we can be confident that the term is meaningful, but these are phenomena ofExpand
The Manchu Way: The Eight Banners and Ethnic Identity in Late Imperial China. By Mark C. Elliott. [Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001. xxiii+580 pp. £47.50, $65.00. ISBN 08047-3606-5.]
  • A. Finnane
  • History
  • The China Quarterly
  • 1 December 2002
Why does the term ‘ethnic’ sound so odd when inserted into histories of non-contemporary societies? This is one of the problems with which Mark Elliott struggles in his engaging study of the politicsExpand