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Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI)—a simple practical measure for routine clinical use
This study confirmed that a topic eczema, psoriasis and generalized pruritus have a greater impact on quality of life than acne, basal cell carcinomas and viral warts. Expand
The Children's Dermatology Life Quality Index (CDLQI): initial validation and practical use
The purpose of this study was to create and initially validate a simple practical questionnaire for use in children to aid clinical decision‐making and to aid arguments for more resources for the care of children with skin disease. Expand
Management of acne: a report from a Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne.
New insights into the management of acne: an update from the Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne group.
This update reviews new information about acne pathophysiology and treatment-such as lasers and light therapy-and relevant topics where published data were sparse in 2003 but are now available including combination therapy, revision of acne scarring, and maintenance therapy. Expand
The U.K. Working Party's Diagnostic Criteria for Atopic Dermatitis.
A working party of 13 dermatologists, two family practitioners and a paediatrician was assembled, with the aim of developing a minimum list of reliable discriminators for atopic dermatitis, finding that the discriminatory value of these criteria was satisfactory when tested against a further sample of 150 patients drawn from the community, who did not have skin disease. Expand
The Dermatology Life Quality Index 1994–2007: a comprehensive review of validation data and clinical results
The DLQI is one of the most widely used dermatology‐specific quality of life instruments and over the last 5 years there has been great interest in its use. Expand
The Infants’ Dermatitis Quality of Life Index
The impact on quality of life (QOL) caused by atopic dermatitis has been quantified in children and adults using established QOL measures, but these are not suitable for use in infants under the age of 4 years, when AD usually develops. Expand
The Psychological Burden of Skin Diseases: A Cross-Sectional Multicenter Study among Dermatological Out-Patients in 13 European Countries
The association with depression and anxiety was highest for patients with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hand eczema, and leg ulcers, and only patients with Psoriasis had significant association with suicidal ideation. Expand
The effect of severe psoriasis on the quality of life of 369 patients
There was a substantial correlation between the PDI score and the amount a patient indicated they would pay for a cure, and the majority of patients felt that it would be worse to have diabetes, asthma or bronchitis than to have psoriasis. Expand
Quality of life measurement in dermatology: a practical guide
  • A. Finlay
  • Medicine
  • The British journal of dermatology
  • 1 March 1997
Clinicians and researchers who wish to use quality of life (QOL)measures in dermatology are guided with descriptions of the use of disease specific, dermatology specific, general health and utility measure questionnaires. Expand