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Granular segregation under vertical tapping
We present extensive Molecular Dynamics simulations on species segregation in a granular mixture subject to vertical taps. We discuss how grain properties, e.g., size, density, friction, as well as,Expand
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Static and dynamic heterogeneities in a model for irreversible gelation.
We study the structure and the dynamics in the formation of irreversible gels by means of molecular dynamics simulation of a model system where the gelation transition is due to the randomExpand
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Glass transition in granular media
In the framework of schematic hard-spheres lattice models for granular media we investigate the phenomenon of the "jamming transition". In particular, using Edwards' approach, by analyticalExpand
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Cluster structure and dynamics in gels and glasses
The dynamical arrest of gels is the consequence of a well defined structural phase transition, leading to the formation of a spanning cluster of bonded particles. The glass transition, instead, isExpand
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Molecular dynamics simulations of incipient carbonaceous nanoparticle formation at flame conditions
Particle nucleation remains one of the most intriguing steps in the process of particle formation in flames. Although stacking/clustering of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has beenExpand
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Statistical Mechanics of jamming and segregation in granular media
In the framework of schematic hard spheres lattice models we discuss Edwards' Statistical Mechanics approach to granular media. As this approach appears to hold here to a very good approximation, byExpand
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A review of the dynamical susceptibility in different complex systems
Abstract. The dynamical susceptibility has been introduced to characterize the dynamical heterogeneities in glass forming liquids. We have used it as a tool to investigate the slow dynamics of otherExpand
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Statistical Mechanics of segregation in binary granular mixtures
We discuss mixing/segregation phenomena in a schematic hard spheres lattice model for binary mixtures of granular media, by analytical evaluation, within Bethe-Peierls approximation, of Edwards'Expand
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