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Generation of a panel of related human scFv antibodies with high affinities for human CEA.
A panel of human anti-CEA scFvs has been generated with differing dissociation constants for antigen, which will allow the correlation between tumour targeting efficiency and binding affinity to be assessed directly and will be valuable in the optimisation of human antibodies for immunotherapy. Expand
Pathfinder selection: in situ isolation of novel antibodies.
This work demonstrates that an existing binding specificity can be used as a tool to select phage libraries in situ, obviating the need to purify or clone the target. Expand
Functional Metagenomics Reveals Previously Unrecognized Diversity of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Gulls
The study finds a variety of AR genes not previously detected in gulls and wildlife, including class A and C β-lactamases as well as six tetracycline resistance gene types, which suggests that gulls could facilitate the spread of AR. Expand
Antigen specificity and tumour targeting efficiency of a human carcinoembryonic antigen-specific scFv and affinity-matured derivatives.
A possible correlation between binding affinity and tumour residence time when examined in this model is demonstrated and a shift in fine epitope specificity resulting from mutagenesis is indicated. Expand