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Mechanical bowel preparation for colorectal surgery.
The dogma that mechanical bowel preparation is necessary before elective colorectal surgery may need to be reconsidered and such preparation decreases operating time by improving bowel handling during construction of the anastomosis.
Trends in axillary lymph node dissection for early-stage breast cancer in Europe: Impact of evidence on practice.
There was a decrease in rates of ALND that started after year 2010 through the end of the study period, indicating the need to spread unified clinical guidelines in Europe to allow for homogeneous evidence-based practice patterns.
Breast cancer surgery in an ambulatory setting.
This study confirms the feasibility, efficacy and safety of the outpatient setting regime, which is highly appreciated by women and is more cost effective than surgery in a hospital setting.
Recurrence of Giant Juvenile Breast Fibroadenoma in a Girl with Turner's Syndrome
A case of recurrent juvenile giant breast fibroadenoma in a girl with Turner's syndrome is reported, and local recurrence is unusual.
OTX1 expression in breast cancer is regulated by p53
It is demonstrated that orthodenticle homolog 1 gene (OTX1) is transcribed in breast cancer and established that the p53 protein directly induces OTX1 expression by acting on its promoter.
Low-Grade Fibromatosis-Like Spindle Cell Metaplastic Carcinoma: A Basal-Like Tumor with a Favorable Clinical Outcome. Report of Two Cases
Although the biological behavior of this subtype of breast cancer has not been adequately evaluated, wide local excision or mastectomy with clear resection margins but no axillary dissection appears to be an adequate treatment approach.
Unique vascular tumor primary arising in the liver and exhibiting histopathological features consistent with so‐called polymorphous hemangioendothelioma
The unusual morphological features of the present case, which do not fit neatly with any other recognized hemangioendothelioma subtype, indicate that the family of vascular tumors is broader than currently accepted.
Colonoscopy is mandatory after Streptococcus bovis endocarditis: a lesson still not learned. Case report
In the unusual setting of a Streptococcus bovis infection, it is necessary to timely and carefully rule out occult colon cancer and other malignancies during hospitalization and, if a tumor is not found, to schedule endoscopic follow-up.
Risk Factors in Surgery
Improved surgical and anesthetic techniques and postoperative care have not significantly changed wound infection rates over the last 30 years, but a change in the microbiology of postoperative infections has been noticed, characterized by a greater incidence of infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Result of liver resection as treatment for metastases from noncolorectal cancer
While liver resection for metastatic disease from colorectal cancer extends survival in selected patients, the efficacy of hepatectomy for metastases from other malignancies has not been defined.