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Matching Ontologies in Open Networked Systems: Techniques and Applications
In open networked systems a varying number of nodes interact each other just on the basis of their own independent ontologies and of knowledge discovery requests submitted to the network. OntologyExpand
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H-MATCH: an Algorithm for Dynamically Matching Ontologies in Peer-based Systems
In this paper, we present H-match, an algorithm for dynamically matching distributed ontologies. By exploiting ontology knowledge descriptions, H-match can be used to dynamically perform ontologyExpand
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Data Linking for the Semantic Web
By specifying that published datasets must link to other existing datasets, the 4th linked data principle ensures a Web of data and not just a set of unconnected data islands. The authors propose inExpand
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Towards a Benchmark for Instance Matching
In the general field of knowledge interoperability and ontology matching, instance matching is a crucial task for several applications, from identity recognition to data integration. The aim ofExpand
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Benchmarking Matching Applications on the Semantic Web
The evaluation of matching applications is becoming a major issue in the semantic web and it requires a suitable methodological approach as well as appropriate benchmarks. In particular, in order toExpand
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Automatic Identity Recognition in The Semantic Web
The OKKAM initiative has recently highlighted the need of moving from the traditional web towards a “web of entities”, where real-world objects descriptions could be retrieved, univocally identified,Expand
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Ontology and Instance Matching
The growing need of sharing data and digital resources within and across organizations has produced a novel attention on issues related to ontology and instance matching. After an introductoryExpand
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Unsupervised Detection of Argumentative Units though Topic Modeling Techniques
In this paper we present a new unsupervised approach, “Attraction to Topics” – A2T , for the detection of argumentative units, a sub-task of argument mining. Motivated by the importance of topicExpand
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Dynamic Knowledge Discovery in Open, Distributed and Multi-Ontology Systems: Techniques and Applications
In open distributed systems like peer-to-peer networks and Grids, many independent peers, possibly spanned across multiple organizations, need to share information resources (e.g., data, documents,Expand
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