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Sucrose Efflux Mediated by SWEET Proteins as a Key Step for Phloem Transport
It is discussed how restriction of intercellular transport to the interface of adjacent phloem cells may be an effective mechanism to limit the availability of photosynthetic carbon in the leaf apoplasm in order to prevent pathogen infections. Expand
RobiNA: a user-friendly, integrated software solution for RNA-Seq-based transcriptomics
RobiNA is an integrated solution that consolidates all steps of RNA-Seq-based differential gene-expression analysis in one user-friendly cross-platform application featuring a rich graphical user interface and supports quality checking, flexible filtering and statistical analysis of differential gene expression based on state of the art biostatistical methods developed in the R/Bioconductor projects. Expand
PageMan: An interactive ontology tool to generate, display, and annotate overview graphs for profiling experiments
PageMan is introduced, a multiplatform, user-friendly, and stand-alone software tool that annotates, investigates, and condenses high-throughput microarray data in the context of functional ontologies, enabling researchers to gain a rapid overview of the biological responses in the experiments. Expand
Gas chromatography mass spectrometry–based metabolite profiling in plants
A detailed protocol for gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS)-based metabolite profiling that offers a good balance of sensitivity and reliability, being considerably more sensitive than NMR and more robust than liquid chromatography–linked mass spectromaetry. Expand
Respiratory metabolism: glycolysis, the TCA cycle and mitochondrial electron transport.
A wide range of molecular and biochemical strategies have been adopted to elucidate the functional significance of these interactions between mitochondrial function in the photosynthetic and photorespiratory processes, amino-acid biosynthesis and the regulation of cellular redox. Expand
Mercator: a fast and simple web server for genome scale functional annotation of plant sequence data.
The Mercator pipeline automatically assigns functional terms to protein or nucleotide sequences using the MapMan 'BIN' ontology, which is tailored for functional annotation of plant 'omics' data. Expand
Highway or byway: the metabolic role of the GABA shunt in plants.
The premise that GABA metabolism plays a major role in carbon and nitrogen primary metabolism is discussed, and technological developments that will likely allow us to address the quantitative importance of this shunt within the biological processes to which it contributes are evaluated. Expand
The flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in Arabidopsis: structural and genetic diversity.
This review describes the state-of-art of flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in Arabidopsis regarding both structural and genetic diversity, focusing on the genes encoding enzymes for the biosynthesis reactions and vacuole translocation. Expand
Arabidopsis Seed Development and Germination Is Associated with Temporally Distinct Metabolic Switches1[W]
While the metabolic networks in developing seeds during the period of reserve accumulation have been extensively characterized, much less is known about those present during seed desiccation andExpand
Metabolic profiling allows comprehensive phenotyping of genetically or environmentally modified plant systems.
The use of metabolic profiling in conjunction with data-mining tools as a technique for the comprehensive characterization of a plant genotype is demonstrated. Expand