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Magnetophotonic crystals
In much the same way that semiconductor crystals affect the propagation of electrons, photonic crystals (periodic composites of macroscopic dielectric media of different refractive index) affect theExpand
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Enhanced third-harmonic generation in silicon nanoparticles driven by magnetic response.
We observe enhanced third-harmonic generation from silicon nanodisks exhibiting both electric and magnetic dipolar resonances. Experimental characterization of the nonlinear optical response throughExpand
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Optical tweezers study of red blood cell aggregation and disaggregation in plasma and protein solutions
Abstract. Kinetics of optical tweezers (OT)-induced spontaneous aggregation and disaggregation of red blood cells (RBCs) were studied at the level of cell doublets to assess RBC interactionExpand
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Enhancement of Faraday rotation at photonic-band-gap edge in garnet-based magnetophotonic crystals
Abstract Spectral dependences of Faraday rotation angle in one-dimensional garnet-based magnetophotonic crystals are considered. The enhancement of Faraday angle is demonstrated at the photonic bandExpand
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Ultrafast All-Optical Switching with Magnetic Resonances in Nonlinear Dielectric Nanostructures.
We demonstrate experimentally ultrafast all-optical switching in subwavelength nonlinear dielectric nanostructures exhibiting localized magnetic Mie resonances. We employ amorphous silicon nanodisksExpand
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TOPICAL REVIEW: Magnetophotonic crystals
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Anomalous Faraday effect of a system with extraordinary optical transmittance.
It is shown theoretically that the Faraday rotation becomes anomalously large and exhibits extraordinary behavior near the frequencies of the extraordinary optical transmittance through opticallyExpand
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Observation of hybrid state of Tamm and surface plasmon-polaritons in one-dimensional photonic crystals
Experimental observation of hybrid mode of Tamm plasmon-polariton and surface plasmon-polariton is reported. The hybrid state is excited in one-dimensional photonic crystal terminated byExpand
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Magneto-optical Kerr effect enhancement at the Wood's anomaly in magnetoplasmonic crystals
Magneto-optical Kerr effect enhancement in longitudinal and transversal configurations is system- atically studied in one- and two-dimensional magnetoplasmonic crystals based on the nanostructuredExpand
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Optical second-harmonic generation induced by a dc electric field at the Si-SiO(2) interface.
For what is to our knowledge the first time, electric-field-induced optical second-harmonic generation (SHG) is studied at the Si-SiO(2) interface by the use of a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS)Expand
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