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Shape and stability of doubly connected axisymmetric free surfaces in a cylindrical container
The equilibrium and stability of a liquid that partially fills a cylindrical container with planar ends are examined. It is assumed that the free surface is axisymmetric and does not cross theExpand
Investigation of vibrational control of convective flows in Bridgman melt growth configurations
It is generally recognized that oscillatory, or pulsatile, flow significantly alters the transfer of mass, heat and momentum in fluid systems. A numerical investigation of thermovibrationalExpand
An Inverse Finite Element Method for Pure and Binary Solidification Problems
A 2D axisymmetric formulation for the solution of a directional solidification problem using an inverse finite-element method (IFEM) is presented. An algorithm developed by A. N. Alexandrou (Int. J.Expand
We present an alternative method for treating numerically a problem of viscous flow with a boundary layer that is based upon regularization of the Navier-Stokes equations. Shishkin (1997) showed thatExpand
One-dimensional unsteady fluid motion between two infinite walls
We considered an incompressible fluid motion driven by space-dependent body force. For a one-dimensional case, the problem was solved analytically, with the arbitrary choice of body force coordinateExpand
Minimizing segregation during the controlled directional solidification of dendritic alloys
Gravity-driven convection induced in the liquid by density gradients of temperature or composition disrupts uniform dendritic growth during controlled directional solidification and promotes severeExpand
Characterizing the Use of Ultrasonic Energy in Promoting Uniform Composite Growth in Immiscible Alloys
The results of experimental investigation and mathematical modeling for immiscible alloys subjected to ultrasonic influence are presented. It is known that in inoculated light alloy melts, ultrasonicExpand
Characterizing the Use of Ultrasonic Energy in Promoting Uniform Microstructural Dispersions in Immiscible Mixtures
Gravity driven separation and preferential wetting precludes uniform microstructural distributions during solidification processing of immiscible, liquid-liquid mixtures. Historically, it is,Expand
Space radiation effects in silicon solar cells: Physics based models, software, simulation and radiation effect mitigation
Improvements to solar cell efficiency and radiation hardness that are compatible with low cost, high volume manufacturing processes are critical for power generation applications in future long-termExpand