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Isotropic Design of Spatial Parallel Manipulators
In this paper, we study the isotropic design of two types of spatial parallel manipulators: a three-degrees-of-freedom manipulator and the Stewart—Gough platform. Expand
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Kinematics and dynamics of a parallel manipulator with a new architecture
In this paper, the kinematics and dynamics of a parallel manipulator with a new architecture supposed to be used as a moving mechanism in a flight simulator project is studied. Expand
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Phase relations in GaAs crystal growth
Abstract Phase relations between gas, liquid and solid in the binary system Ga-As have been analyzed and optimized by GaAs crystal growth experiments. The results are presented graphically by usingExpand
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Biocidal Activity of two botanical volatile oils against the larvae of Synthesiomyia nudiseta (Wulp) (Diptera: Muscidae)
The volatile oils of golden pillar, Cupressus macrocarpaand galangal, Alpinia officinarum were extracted and their constituents were identified. Alpha pinene and trans-caryophyllene were the majorExpand
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Low-sensitivity SC realization of brune and C-type reactance sections
The SC implementation of doubly terminated reactance reference filters containing Brune or C-type sections is presented. Expand
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The American University in Cairo School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
Incitement to religious hatred and restrictions on freedom of expression protect religious believers from unlawful expression. There is neither need to defamation of religion resolutions nor toExpand
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Abad-Molina, Cristina P21, P24, P162, P207 Abatay, Figen P185 Abdel Fattah, Raafat P74, P91 Abdrakhimova, Alena R. P169 Abdrakhmanova, Saniya P7, P61 Abdulle, Abdul P15 Acuña-Alonzo, Víctor P184Expand
Measurements of the contact angle between melt and crystal during Czochralski growth of copper
Abstract The contact angle ϕ between melt and crystal has been measured on copper during Czochralski growth: ϕ = -0.6 ±0.4°. The value ϕ = 0 implies complete wetting of copper crystals by their ownExpand
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Molecular Screening of Some Egyptian Rhizobium is olates from Faba Bean Nodules under Salt Stress
Ten isolates of Rhizobium were isolated from root nodules of Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) plants represent differ - ent geographic and climatic locations in Egypt. The Rhizobium isolates were evaluatedExpand