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Polyurethane foams and microspheres in analytical chemistry : Improved liquid-solid, gas-solid and liquid-liquid contact via a new geometry of the solid phase
Abstract This review covers the following aspects: the preparation and properties of polyurethane foams and of open-pore polyurethane microspheres; the use of unloaded polyurethane foams for theExpand
Reversed-phase foam chromatography: Separation of palladium, bismuth and nickel in the tributyl phosphate-thiourea-perchloricacid system
Abstract The feasibility of using TBP-loaded polyurethane foams as column fillings in reversed-phase chromatography was examined and their capacities were determined. Separation of nickel, bismuth,Expand
Preconcentration and Separation of Phenols from Water by Polyurethane Foams
Abstract The application of untreated and polyurethane foams treated with tributylphosphate (TBP) in the preconcentration of some phenols from water via static and flow experiments was carried out.Expand
Removal of organic pollutants from aqueous solution. V. Comparative study of the extraction, recovery and chromatographic separation of some organic insecticides using unloaded polyurethane foam
The concentration of dissolved insecticides in aqueous media was determined by chromatographic separation on polyurethane foam columns. The results of preliminary screening tests on the removal ofExpand
Extraction and Recovery of Some Organic Insecticides on Polyurethane Foam Columns
Polyurethane foam, polyether type, has been recommended as an efficient collector in separating and concentrating some selected chlorinated insecticides and polychlorinated biphenyls from aqueousExpand
Chromofoams qualitative and semi-quantitative tests with chromogenic organic reagents immobilized in plasticized open-cell polyurethane foams
Abstract Polyurethane foams treated with organic reagents in a plasticizer solution can be used for simple, rapid, sensitive, and selective detection and semiquantitative determination of metal ionsExpand
Plasticized open-cell polyurethane foam as a universal matrix for organic reagents in trace element preconcentration: Part I. Collection of silver traces on dithizone foam
Abstract The preparation of plasticized foam containing dithizone or zinc dithizonate is described. The foam was used successfully for the rapid and quantitative collection of trace amounts of silverExpand
Cellular and foamed plastics as separation media A new geometrical form of the solid phase in analytical liquid-solid contact.
There has been considerable interest during the last few years in using cellular (foamed) plastics (mainly polyurethanes) either unloaded or as a means of immobilizing hydrophobic organic reagents,Expand