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Terahertz-driven linear electron acceleration
The cost, size and availability of electron accelerators are dominated by the achievable accelerating gradient. Conventional high-brightness radio-frequency accelerating structures operate with 30–50Expand
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Segmented Terahertz Electron Accelerator and Manipulator (STEAM)
Acceleration and manipulation of electron bunches underlie most electron and X-ray devices used for ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy. New terahertz-driven concepts offer orders-of-magnitudeExpand
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Design of tunable biperiodic graphene metasurfaces
Journal article Design of tunable biperiodic graphene metasurfaces Fallahi, Arya; Perruisseau-Carrier, Julien Published in: Physical Review B (ISSN: 1098-0121), vol. 86, num. 19 College Pk: AmerExpand
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Compact electron acceleration and bunch compression in THz waveguides.
We numerically investigate the acceleration and bunch compression capabilities of 20 mJ, 0.6 THz-centered coherent terahertz pulses in optimized metallic dielectric-loaded cylindrical waveguides. InExpand
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Short electron bunch generation using single-cycle ultrafast electron guns
We introduce a solution for producing ultrashort ($\sim$fs) high charge ($\sim$pC) from ultra-compact guns utilizing single-cycle THz pulses. We show that the readily available THz pulses withExpand
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AXSIS: Exploring the frontiers in attosecond X-ray science, imaging and spectroscopy
X-ray crystallography is one of the main methods to determine atomic-resolution 3D images of the whole spectrum of molecules ranging from small inorganic clusters to large protein complexesExpand
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Terahertz-driven, all-optical electron gun
Ultrashort electron beams with a narrow energy spread, high charge, and low jitter are essential for resolving phase transitions in metals, semiconductors, and molecular crystals. These acceleratedExpand
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Toward a terahertz-driven electron gun
Femtosecond electron bunches with keV energies and eV energy spread are needed by condensed matter physicists to resolve state transitions in carbon nanotubes, molecular structures, organic salts,Expand
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Evolutionary Optimization of Graphene-Metal Metasurfaces for Tunable Broadband Terahertz Absorption
Tunable terahertz absorbers based on graphene frequency selective surfaces are designed using well-established evolutionary optimization techniques. Randomly initialized hill climbing (RHC) algorithmExpand
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Field-based DGTD/PIC technique for general and stable simulation of interaction between light and electron bunches
We introduce a hybrid technique based on the discontinuous Galerkin time domain (DGTD) and the particle in cell (PIC) simulation methods for the analysis of interaction between light and chargedExpand
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