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Probing Nanoscale Ferroelectricity by Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy
We demonstrated that ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy is an effective technique to measure the transition temperature (Tc) in ferroelectric ultrathin films and superlattices. We showed thatExpand
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Confinement of acoustical vibrations in a semiconductor planar phonon cavity.
Extending the idea of optical microcavities to sound waves, we propose a phonon cavity consisting of two semiconductor superlattices enclosing a spacer layer. We show that acoustical phonons can beExpand
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Strong optical-mechanical coupling in a vertical GaAs/AlAs microcavity for subterahertz phonons and near-infrared light.
We show that distributed Bragg reflector GaAs/AlAs vertical cavities designed to confine photons are automatically optimal to confine phonons of the same wavelength, strongly enhancing theirExpand
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Subterahertz phonon dynamics in acoustic nanocavities.
We report a direct determination of the dynamic behavior of confined acoustic phonons in nanocavities by picosecond acoustics. We provide the broadband, high resolution transmission amplitude curveExpand
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Optical cavity enhancement of light-sound interaction in acoustic phonon cavities
We describe a device that has a resonant cavity for acoustic phonons embedded inside an optical cavity. This double cavity structure is a resonator for acoustical phonons and enhances the interactionExpand
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Spontaneously Formed Sulfur Adlayers on Gold in Electrolyte Solutions: Adsorbed Sulfur or Gold Sulfide?
High coverage S phases (surface coverage ≥0.33), spontaneously formed by immersion of Au(111) in Na 2S aqueous solutions at room temperature, have been studied by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM),Expand
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Resonance effects in the Raman scattering of monolayer and few-layer MoSe 2
Using resonant Raman scattering spectroscopy with 25 different laser lines, we describe the Raman scattering spectra of monolayer and multilayer 2H-molybdenum diselenide $({\mathrm{MoSe}}_{2})$ asExpand
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Exploring three-dimensional nanosystems with Raman spectroscopy: methylene blue adsorbed on thiol and sulfur monolayers on gold.
Resonant Raman and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopies, complemented with scanning tunnel microscopy and electrochemical techniques, have been used to obtain information about theExpand
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Subterahertz monochromatic acoustic wave propagation using semiconductor superlattices as transducers
We demonstrate semiconductor superlattices or nanocavities as narrow band acoustic transducers in the sub-terahertz range. Using picosecond ultrasonics experiments in the transmission geometry withExpand
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Lifetime of THz acoustic nanocavity modes.
We present an ultrahigh resolution Raman study of the lifetime of 1 THz acoustic phonons confined in nanocavities. We demonstrate that the cavity Q factor can be controlled by design. AnharmonicityExpand
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