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Propagation of waves in shear flows
Present-day results in the theory of oscillatory and wave phenomena in hydrodynamic flows are presented. A unified approach is used for waves of different physical origins. A characteristic featureExpand
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The influence of drift flow turbulence on surface gravity wave propagation
The theory of surface gravity waves scattering at vortex flows in the ocean is developed. A scattering amplitude is found in the Born approximation as a function of vorticity which appears veryExpand
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Numerical Analysis of the Sea State Bias for Satellite Altimetry
Theoretical understanding of the dependence of sea state bias (SSB) on wind wave conditions has been achieved only for the case of a unidirectional wind-driven sea [Jackson, 1979 ; Rodriguez et al.,Expand
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Propagation of waves in hydrodynamic shear flows
A range of phenomena connected with the propagation of waves in hydrodynamic shear flows is studied. The problem of calculating the energy and momentum of a wave packet in a moving medium isExpand
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Harbour oscillations generated by shear flow
A new mechanism that could be responsible for excitation of long-period oscillations in partially enclosed harbours is discussed. This mechanism is based on the interaction between a shear flow andExpand
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Contact between a gas bubble and a solid surface and froth flotation
The process of formation of the contact silica surface/air when pressing a liquid meniscus on to the solid/liquid interface is investigated. The kinetics of expansion of the contact area and theExpand
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Finite-dimensional spatial disorder
The article discusses a new branch of the theory of disorder: the origin, stability and diagnostics of deterministic spatial chaos, i.e., the disorder that can be generated by a dynamical system.Expand
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On nonlinear water waves under a light wind and Landau type equations near the stability threshold
Various mechanisms of nonlinear saturation of water wave growth under the action of a light wind are discussed. The unstable wind may be saturated by nonlinear dissipation due to the energy transferExpand
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Acoustic tomography at basin scales and clock errors
A basin-scale acoustic tomography simulation is carried out for the northeast Pacific Ocean to determine the accuracy with which time must be kept at the sources when clocks at the receivers areExpand
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