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The Agile–Stage‐Gate Hybrid Model: A Promising New Approach and a New Research Opportunity
Agile development methodologies have been widely employed in the software industry, where they have been found to yield positive results. Expand
Improved Product Development Performance through Agile/Stage-Gate Hybrids: The Next-Generation Stage-Gate Process?
A comparative case study of seven technology-intensive companies shows how combining Stage-Gate models, at the strategic level, with the Agile method Scrum, implemented at the execution level, can offer performance improvements and other advantages. Expand
Agile-Stage-Gate: New idea-to-launch method for manufactured new products is faster, more responsive
Agile methods, until now used primarily for IT developments, can be integrated with traditional gating approaches to yield significant potential benefits for manufacturers of B2B physical products. Expand
Agile–Stage-Gate for Manufacturers
OVERVIEW: Agile development methods borrowed from the software industry are now being used by a handful of manufacturing firms for the development of physical products. Agile methods, which includeExpand
Research on changes in design has focused on engineering changes, i.e. changes in the product domain, which is the manifestation of the design process. This article takes a different perspective andExpand
Barriers towards integrated product development: Challenges from a holistic project management perspective
Abstract The basis for product development in many large industrial companies is a traditional project management method positing non-overlapping phases, independent activities, and a dedicatedExpand
Framework for Information Sharing in a Small-to-Medium Port System Supply Chain
This paper focuses on identifying the needs and criteria for an information sharing system, and proposes an approach for sharing operational data in port systems for improved supply chain integration, in the context of logistic engineering. Expand
Agile Product Development Governance - On Governing the Emerging Scrum/Stage-Gate Hybrids
This paper introduces PD governance of agile/stage-gate hybrid solutions through a comparative study including five case companies supported by a review of existing literature. Expand
Scrum in the Traditional Development Organization: Adapting to the Legacy
During the last couple of years, the application of Scrum as a project management framework has been broadened from initially belonging to the software domain. Expand
Scrum integration in stage-gate models for collaborative product development — A case study of three industrial manufacturers
The relevance of collaborative Product Development (PD) is rising with the decrease of product life cycles combined with growing customer demands. Industrial manufacturers now experience competitionExpand