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New species, new combinations and new distributions in neotropical species of Elaphoglossum (Lomariopsidaceae).
More new species, new combinations and new distributions are made in the large and difficult genus Elaphoglossum in Neotropic. Ten new species are described, this are: Elaphoglossum adrianae A.
Two new species and a new combination in Elaphoglossum sect. Polytrichia subsect. Apoda (Dryopteridaceae) from Costa Rica and Panama
Two new species, Elaphoglossum alvaradoanum and E. pendulum, are described. The first species is endemic to Cocos Island, and the second to the mountains of Costa Rica. Elaphoglossum auripilum var.
Novelties in Danaea moritziana complex (Marattiaceae) from Colombia
espanolEn este trabajo tres especies de Danaea Sm. son descritas como nuevas para la ciencia: D. betancurii, D. inaequilatera y D. lucens. Las nuevas especies son segregadas del complejo D.
A New Hybrid of Serpocaulon (Polypodiaceae) from Costa Rica
A new hybrid Serpocaulon × sessilipinnum A.R. Rojas & J.M. Chaves is described, which has characters intermediate between S. Sm.
New Species and New Records in Elaphoglossum sect. Polytrichia subsect. Hybrida (Dryopteridaceae) from the Neotropics
Abstract Three new species of Elaphoglossum sect. Polytrichia subsect. Hybrida from the Neotropics are described here: E. lucens, E. martinezianum, and E. reductum. The first species is characterized
Two new species of Blechnum (Blechnaceae) from the neotropics
Blechnum moranianum is a new species similar toB. loxense, andB. nigrum is segregated from theB. fragile complex. Both are described and illustrated as result of the author's taxonomic fern work in
[Reports in Pteridaceae (Filacales) family in the Neotropics].
Several contributions to the Neotropical pteridophyte flora are made in this paper with the range extensions for four species of Adiantum, two species of Doryopteris and one species of Eriosorus. The
[Six new species and two new records of (Pteridophyta) from Costa Rica ].
Six new species of Pteridophyta from Costa Rica are described: Dryopteris flaccisquama, Hypolepis lellingeri, Melpomene alan-smithii, Selaginella osaënsis, and Terpsichore esquiveliana are new records for the country.
[New species of Dennstaedtia (Filicales: Dennstaedtiaceae) to Mexico].
Dennstaedtia gracilis is a new species endemic to Mexico that belongs to the group of winged adaxial secondary costae species but it differs by the combination of characters as smaller fronds, deltate pinnules and lobed segment apex.