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Spectral features of RZ Psc, a cool star with Algol-like brightness minima
We have determined the physical (Teff, logg, ζ) and kinematic (Vesini,Vr) parameters and abundances for 14 chemical elements in the atmosphere of the “antiflare” variable RZ Psc, usingExpand
Optical properties of the circumstellar dust around stars with aperiodic fadings
Multicolor observations of 21 rapid, irregular variable stars with Algol-like fadings and of R Coronae Borealis are used to derive the optical extinction coefficients of the circumstellar dustExpand
A comprehensive analysis of the cool RCB star DY Persei
Context. Theoretically, the number of cool Galactic R Coronae Borealis stars (RCBs) should be greater than the warm RCBs, however to date, only a few candidates have been detected. Aims. ObservationsExpand
Precise Underground Observations of the Partial Solar Eclipse of 1 June 2011 Using a Foucault Pendulum and a Very Light Torsion Balance
Simultaneous observations of the solar eclipse on 06/01/2011 were carried out using a Foucault pendulum and a torsion balance. The instruments were installed in a salt mine, where the interferenceExpand
The first experience of solar eclipse observations with a miniature torsion balance
We observed the behavior of the pointer of an asymmetric torsion balance (TB) at solar eclipse dates and on other off-eclipse days. A peculiar reaction of the miniature TB different from its reactionExpand
The Torsind—A Device Based on a New Principle for Non-Conventional Astronomical Observations
The description of a new device which is an improved version of the classic torsion balance is given. The device, which is the so-called “torsind”, seemed to be very sensitive to solar/lunarExpand
Unexplained Temporal Effects Recorded by The Torsind at Syzygies
  • A. F. Pugach
  • Physics
  • 10 November 2018
Observations of the torsion balances` and the torsind`s behavior at the moments of the solar and lunar eclipses, the transit of Venus, the occultation of Venus by the Moon were performed. It is shownExpand
Gas phase mean opacities for varying [ M / H ] , N / O , and C / O
It is our pleasure to present you the 144 issue of the AGB Newsletter. A great number of papers dealt with postAGB and symbiotic systems, and planetary nebulae were used to learn more about theExpand