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Mammalian valyl‐tRNA synthetase forms a complex with the first elongation factor
The high‐molecular‐mass form of valyl‐tRNA synthetase is associated with the first elongation factor activity. It includes two polypeptides of about 50 kDa and two others of 40 and 30 kDa, identifiedExpand
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Purification and properties of a high-molecular-mass complex between Val-tRNA synthetase and the heavy form of elongation factor 1 from mammalian cells.
In extracts of various mammalian tissues obtained in the presence of protease inhibitors Val-tRNA synthetase exists exclusively as a complex with a molecular mass of about 800 kDa. This complex wasExpand
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High-performance ion-exchange chromatography of oligoribonucleotides using linear and hyperbolic salt gradients.
A method for separation and chain length determination of oligo- and polynucleotides by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography was developed, which allows resolution of individual fragmentsExpand
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Purification of valyl‐tRNA synthetase high‐molecular‐mass complex from rabbit liver
A high‐molecular‐mass complex containing valyl‐tRNA synthetase has been purified to homogeneity from rabbit liver. The molecular mass of the complex is about 800 kDa. The complex consists of fourExpand
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