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Smartphone, tablet computer and e‐reader use by people with vision impairment
People with self‐identified vision impairment are surveyed to determine their use of accessibility features of consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and e‐book readers.
Investigating unstable fixation in patients with macular disease.
Evidence is provided that fixation instability does not improve visual acuity and may be a consequence of poor oculomotor control and retinal image motion caused by fixation instability in people with macular disease.
Eye movements, convergence distance and pupil-size when reading from smartphone, computer, print and tablet
Behavioural changes observed whilst reading from different devices may reflect an attempt from readers to optimize performance, and the need to maintain visual performance under different visual condition may lead to increased visual symptoms.
Visual and health outcomes, measured with the activity inventory and the EQ‐5D, in visual impairment
Assessment of health and visual outcomes and its determinants in patients with visual impairment (VI) using the EQ‐5D‐3L and the Activity Inventory (AI).
Always on My Mind? Recognition of Attractive Faces May Not Depend on Attention
An evolutionary explanation is presented for this, as attending to more attractive faces but not always remembering them accurately and differentially compared with unseen attractive faces, may help females secure mates with higher reproductive value.
Arching the Back (Lumbar Curvature) as a Female Sexual Proceptivity Signal: an Eye-Tracking Study
It is common in studies of human mate preference to have participants judge the attractiveness of photographs in which models adopt a neutral facial expression or a neutral body posture. However, it
Relationships between neuropsychological and antisaccade measures in multiple sclerosis patients
The findings suggest that AS may be a selective and independent measure to investigate inhibitory control in patients with MS, and a consistent association between the Stroop performance and AS latency.
Lexico-syntactic interactions during the processing of temporally ambiguous L2 relative clauses: An eye-tracking study with intermediate and advanced Portuguese-English bilinguals
Findings provide compelling evidence for a bilingual reading system that seems to be highly dynamic and interactive not only within each level of processing, but, importantly, across levels of representation.
Diffusion of anti-VEGF injections in the Portuguese National Health System
A large but unequal diffusion of anti-VEGF treatments despite the universal coverage and very low copayments is shown, suggesting the technological innovation in ophthalmology may produce unexpected inequalities related to financial constraints unless the implementation of innovative techniques is planned and regulated.
Sex Differences for Preferences of Shoulder to Hip Ratio in Men and Women: an Eye Tracking Study
Shoulder to hip ratio (SHR) is a sexually dimorphic trait in humans, yet no previous study has investigated the gazing behavior and perceived physical attractiveness of men and women in relation to