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New Methods in Submillimeter Microwave Spectroscopy
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Microwave study of the rotational spectrum of oxygen molecule in the range up to 1.12 THz
Abstract Microwave study of the rotational transitions of oxygen molecule 16 O 2 in its electronic and vibrational ground states is reported. Eight transitions belonging to N =3–1, N =5–3, and N =7–5Expand
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Microwave Spectrum up to 900 GHz of SO Created in Highly Excited States by Electric Discharge and UV-Laser Photolysis
Abstract SO was created by electric discharge in a mixture of SO2and Ar and by UV-laser photolysis of Cl2SO. The two methods are compared. The pure rotational spectrum of theX3Σ−electronic groundExpand
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Extension of the range of resonator scanning spectrometer into submillimeter band and some perspectives of its further developments
Abstract Extension of the working frequency of modern resonator spectrometers into submillimeter wave range is described. Experimental record of atmospheric absorption spectrum covering 45–370 GHzExpand
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Experimental study of the line mixing coefficient for 118.75 GHz oxygen line
Abstract The oxygen fine structure line 1− at 118.75 GHz was studied by two spectrometers at low (0.2–3.5 Torr) and high (atmosphere) pressures in air and pure oxygen. Improvement in the spectrometerExpand
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Phase Lock-In of MM/SUBMM Backward Wave Oscillators: Development, Evolution, and Applications
The development and evolution of a Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) system up to the highest frequencies of Backward Wave Oscillators (BWO) is considered starting from the first submillimeter BWO PLL in 1970.Expand
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Uncertainties in the temperature dependence of the line-coupling parameters of the microwave oxygen band: impact study
A sensitivity study was performed with the commonly used millimeter-wave propagation model (MPM) to assess the impact of prescribed uncertainty in the temperature dependence of the line-coupling factors used to model the oxygen line shape. Expand
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Reinvestigation of pressure broadening parameters at 60-GHz band and single 118.75 GHz oxygen lines at room temperature
Abstract Low pressure measurements of broadening parameters of the 118.75 GHz fine structure line of oxygen molecule have been made by a BWO-based spectrometer with acoustic detector (RAD) at roomExpand
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Pressure Broadening of the Rotational Line of Oxygen at 425 GHz
Abstract The pressure broadening of the 16 O 16 O rotational line ( N , J )=(3, 2)–(1, 2) at 425 GHz by oxygen and nitrogen perturbers at room temperatures have been reported. A spectrometer with BWOExpand
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Precision broadband Spectroscopy in the Terahertz Region
$^{a}$M. Liedtke et al., J. Mol. Sectrosc. 161, 317-321 (1993). $^{b}$G. Winnerwisser et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 165, 294-300 (1994).
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