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Effectiveness of uncoated WC–Co and PCD inserts in end milling of titanium alloy—Ti–6Al–4V
Abstract Titanium and its alloys have found wide application in the aerospace, biomedical and automotive industries owing to their good strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance.Expand
Effectiveness of cryogenic machining with modified tool holder
Abstract The present study involves two processes; modification of the tool holder for use with cryogenic cooling system, and implementation of the new design and testing its effect on tool life andExpand
A review of chemical absorption of carbon dioxide for biogas upgrading
Abstract Significant attention has been given to biogas production, purification and upgrading as a renewable and clean fuel supplement. Biogas is a product of an anaerobic digestion processExpand
Effect of radiation dose on the properties of natural rubber nanocomposite
Effect of radiation dose and carbon nanotubes (CNT) on the mechanical properties of standard Malaysian rubber (SMR) was investigated in this study. SMR nanocomposites containing 1–7 phr CNT wereExpand
Application of CNT nanofluids in a turbulent flow heat exchanger
Nanofluids have received much attention since its discovery owing to its enhanced thermal conductivity and heat transfer characteristics which makes them a promising coolant in heat transferExpand
CFD studies on natural convection heat transfer of Al2O3-water nanofluids
This work is focused on numerical simulations of natural convection heat transfer in Al2O3-water nanofluids using computational fluid dynamics approach. Fluent v6.3 is used to simulate water basedExpand
Stability and thermal conductivity enhancement of carbon nanotube nanofluid using gum arabic
This experimental study reports on the stability and thermal conductivity enhancement of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) nanofluids with and without gum arabic (GA). The stability of CNT in the presence ofExpand
Optimisation of arsenic adsorption from water by carbon nanofibres grown on powdered activated carbon impregnated with nickel
Contamination of water due to arsenic (As) is increasing in many parts of the world. The removal of As from aqueous solution by using impregnated Carbon Nanofibres (CNFs) as the adsorbent is Expand
Investigating corrosion effects and heat transfer enhancement in smaller size radiators using CNT-nanofluids
Nanofluids have been extensively studied in the past to enhance the heat transfer performance and efficiency of systems. However, corrosion effects have been paid very little attention and thus thisExpand
On the characteristics of multistage evacuated solar distillation
This paper proposes a new multistage evacuated solar distillation system that was designed to increase the productivity and improve the efficiency of the simple solar still. The solar still works byExpand