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Altitudinal and latitudinal distribution of east Malagasy forest bird communities
Aim To describe variation in forest bird communities with altitude and latitude. Location Eastern Madagascar. Methods Extraction of data from forest bird inventories conducted in eastern Madagascar.Expand
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The Primates of the Baly Bay Area, North-Western Madagascar
Primate surveys were conducted in isolated primary west Malagasy decidous forest blocks around Baly Bay, north-western Madagascar. Eight species of primate were found, including Microcebus c.f.Expand
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Conservation status and regional population estimates of the White-breasted Mesite Mesitornis variegata , a rare Malagasy endemic
Three different methods (visual detection on transects, call-playback and territory mapping) were used to estimate the densities of the White-breasted Mesite Mesitornis variegata in western MalagasyExpand
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Light interception, photosynthesis and crop productivity
For a crop plant, it is suggested that photosynthetic productivity is governed by the capacity for carbon dioxide fixation available at any given time; by a host of environmental and physiologicalExpand
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Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport by Halogenated 4-Hydroxy-pyridines
Abstract Herbicidal halogen substituted 4-hydroxypyridines are inhibitors of photosynthetic electron flow in isolated thylakoid membranes by interfering with the acceptor side of photosystem II.Expand
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The lemurs of marojejy strict nature reserve, Madagascar: A status overview with notes on ecology and threats
From mid-August to late October 1988, we surveyed Marojejy Strict Nature Reserve, in the northern part of Madagascar’s rain forest. Although widely believed to be a keystone site for lemurExpand
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Calibration and testing of the SELNEC transport model
This paper describes the mathematical model used in the South-East Lancashire-North-East Cheshire Transportation Study, Reg. Expand
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