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Voluminous granitic magmas from common basaltic sources
Granitic—rhyolitic liquids were produced experimentally from moderately hydrous (1.7–2.3 wt% H2O) medium-to-high K basaltic compositions at 700 MPa and fO2 controlled from Ni-NiO −1.3 to +4. AmountExpand
Rethinking the emplacement and evolution of zoned plutons: Geochronologic evidence for incremental assembly of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite, California
New U-Pb geochronologic data indicate that the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite, California, was assembled over a period of at least 10 m.y. between 95 and 85 Ma, and that the Half Dome Granodiorite intrudedExpand
Are plutons assembled over millions of years by amalgamation from small magma chambers
APRIL/MAY 2004, GSA TODAY ABSTRACT Field and geochronologic evidence indicate that large and broadly homogeneous plutons can accumulate incrementally over millions of years. This contradicts theExpand
Did lithospheric delamination trigger late Cenozoic potassic volcanism in the southern Sierra Nevada, California?
New chemical and isotopic data demonstrate that Pliocene volcanic rocks in the Kings and San Joaquin volcanic fields in the central Sierra Nevada, California, are more potassic, trend toward moreExpand
Timing of volcanism in the Sierra Nevada of California
Thermoluminescent materials have been found suitable for measuring long term exposures to low level ionizing radiation. Oxyhalides of lanthanum, gadolinium and yttrium, including the oxychlorides andExpand
The Sierra Crest Magmatic Event: Rapid Formation of Juvenile Crust during the Late Cretaceous in California
The Late Cretaceous was a period of extremely voluminous magmatism and rapid crustal growth in the western United States. From approximately 98 to 86 Ma, greater than 4000 km2 of exposedExpand
Sheeted intrusion of the synkinematic McDoogle pluton, Sierra Nevada, California
Field, microstructural, and geochronologic evidence indicates that the Late Cretaceous McDoogle pluton, located near the eastern margin of the Sierra Nevada batholith, was emplaced as a subverticallyExpand
Geology and geochemistry of mafic to felsic plutonic rocks in the Cretaceous intrusive suite of Yosemite Valley, California
The intrusive suite of Yosemite Valley provides an excellent example of coeval mafic and felsic magmatism in a continental- margin arc. Within the suite, hornblende gabbros and diorites associatedExpand
Trace element and Sr and Nd isotopic composition of mantle xenoliths from the Big Pine Volcanic Field, California
Mantle xenoliths from the Quaternary Big Pine volcanic field of eastern California provide direct evidence for the presence of isotopically enriched mantle beneath the Sierran Province of the westernExpand
The tenuous connection between high-silica rhyolites and granodiorite plutons
The trace element compositions of aplite dikes in the Sierra Nevada batholith of California differ profoundly from high-silica rhyolites (HSRs) and contradict a genetic connection to them. TheExpand