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The markets of non-timber forest products in the Humid Forest Zone of Cameroon
Many rural dwellers depend on non-timber forest products (NTFPs) for their livelihood and their income needs. Increased urbanisation (as a result of rural urban migration) is an important factor thatExpand
A Gender Analysis of Forest Product Markets in Cameroon
Gender roles and the potential to tap women’s experiences are keys for African economic development. The paper illustrates this potential with a gender analysis of forest product markets in the HumidExpand
A Framework for Assessing Conservation and Development in a Congo Basin Forest Landscape
An integrated framework for assessing conservation and development changes at the scale of a large forest landscape in the Congo Basin is described. The framework allows stakeholders to assessExpand
Global Financial Crisis Impacts Forest Conservation in Cameroon
SUMMARY The forests of SE Cameroon lie within the Sangha tri-national landscape (TNS), a priority area for biodiversity conservation under the Congo Basin Forest Partnership. A monitoring programExpand
Marketing of non-wood forest products in the humid forest zone of Cameroon
The Central African tropical humid forest covers 280 million ha and is the largest of its kind in the world after the Amazon (Talbott, 1993; FAO, 1995). Within this region, the 26 million ha of theExpand
Non-timber forest products markets and potential degradation of the forest resource in Central Africa: the role of research in providing a balance between welfare improvement and forest conservation
This paper investigates the importance of income generated from marketing selected NWFP in Central Africa., focuses on local markets in Cameroon and at the borders with the Central African RepublicExpand
Spatial characterisation of non-timber forest products markets in the humid forest zone of Cameroon.
The paper analyses the structure of non-timber forest products (NTFP) markets in the humid forest zone (HFZ) of Cameroon from a spatial perspective. A characterisation of 25 markets based on a set ofExpand
Rural societies and multiple land use practices: perceptions of conservation and development projects within the framework of multiple land use systems in Central Africa
Despite persistent efforts by Central African governments and the international community to reduce poverty in rural areas, local and indigenous populations are still very poor. Triggered byExpand