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Magnetic monopole noise
Almost all of the features of magnetic-flux noise predicted for magnetic monopole plasmas are detected, including the existence of intense magnetization noise and its characteristic frequency and temperature dependence. Expand
Multiple Mode Torsional Oscillator Studies and Evidence for Supersolidity in Bulk 4He
The discovery by Kim and Chan (KC) of an anomalous decrease in the period of torsional oscillators (TO) containing samples of solid He at temperatures below 0.2 K was initially interpreted as aExpand
Common glass-forming spin-liquid state in the pyrochlore magnets Dy2Ti2O7 and Ho2Ti2O7
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (Moore Foundation's EPiQS Initiative through Grant No. GBMF4544)
Search for supersolidity in solid 4He using multiple-mode torsional oscillators
Using multiple-frequency torsional oscillators, an experimental technique is used that enables the distinction between the effects of the shear modulus and those of a possible supersolid state, and separate frequency-dependent period shifts arising from changes in the elastic properties of the solid 4He from Possible supersolid signals, which are expected to be independent of frequency. Expand
Evidence for a high-temperature disorder-induced mobility in solid 4He.
Experiments on solid 4He at temperatures between 1.3 K and 1.9 K discovered phenomena similar to those observed at temperatures below 0.2 K, which are under debate regarding their interpretation in terms of supersolidity. Expand
Observation of a Dislocation-Related Interfacial Friction Mechanism in Mobile Solid $$^{4}$$4He
We report a study of the temperature and stress dependence of the friction associated with a relative motion of crystallites of solid $$^{4}$$4He in contact with each other. A situation where suchExpand
Characterization of the Surface of Moving Solid $$^4$$4He
Crystal grains of solid $$^4$$4He can move in relation to each other even when embedded inside the solid [1, 2]. In this work, we characterize a macroscopic motion of solid hcp $$^4$$4He composed ofExpand
Path-Dependent Supercooling of the ^{3}He Superfluid A-B Transition.
We examine the discontinuous first-order superfluid ^{3}He A to B transition in the vicinity of the polycritical point (2.232 mK and 21.22 bar). We find path-dependent transitions: cooling at fixedExpand
Thermal transport of helium-3 in a strongly confining channel
This work reports on the thermal conduction of helium-3 in a 1.1 μm high channel and proposes that an anomalous thermal response is detected in the superfluid which is proposed arises from the emission of a flux of surface excitations from the channel. Expand
Selective growth of GaAs/InGaP heterostrusctures by photo-enhanced organomettalic chemical vapor deposition
Selective epitaxial growth of GaAs on GaAs and In0.49Ga0.51P surfaces, using photo-enhanced organomettalic chemical vapor deposition, was investigated. The growth rate dependence on illuminationExpand