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Corynebacterium pseudogenitalium sp. nov. Commensals of the human male and female urogenital tracts.
Antisera to Corynebacterium genitalium Types C-1 to C-6 were prepared in rabbits and the titers of complement fixing antibodies to the homologous strains, to the heterologous strains, to C.Expand
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Relationship between group JK corynebacteria and the biotypes of Corynebacterium genitalium and Corynebacterium pseudogenitalium.
Twenty-six strains of group JK corynebacteria had the same colonial morphology and biological reactions as the biotypes of the biovars of Corynebacterium genitalium and C. pseudogenitalium.Expand
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A diagnostic key employing biological reactions for differentiating pathogenic Corynebacterium genitalium (NSU corynebacteria) from commensals of the urogenital tract.
More than 100 strains of Corynebacterium genitalium, probably responsible for coryneform urethritis and other infections, and 600 commensals of the male and female urogenital tracts have been studiedExpand
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Infection of a nonspecific urethritis patient and his consort with a pathogenic species of nonspecific urethritis Corynebacteria, Corynebacterium genitalium, N. SP.
A patient with nonspecific urethritis (NSU) and his consort were examined for infection with NSU corynebacteria, mycoplasmas, and gonococci. No classic and T-mycoplasmas or gonococci were cultured,Expand
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Analysis of the Cell Wall Constituents of Corynebacterium genitalium
Cell walls of Corynebacterium genitalium (three strains) were analyzed for their content of neutral sugars, amino acids, amino sugars, and corynomycolates. Analyses of the walls of a strain of C.Expand
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The clinical impact of automated susceptibility reporting using a computer interface.
  • A. Evangelista
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  • 1990
The rapid automated reporting capability of the Vitek-Sunquest interface was shown to have a direct clinical and monetary impact on patient management. The audit performed on autofiled positiveExpand
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Rapid isolation and presumptive diagnosis of uropathogens by using membrane filtration and differential media.
Random urine samples from hospitalized patients (n = 550) and seeded sterile filtered urine samples (n = 730) were used to test a membrane filtration technique, Qualture (Future Medical TechnologiesExpand
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