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Attitudes and barriers to incident reporting: a collaborative hospital study
Both doctors and nurses believe they should report most incidents, but nurses do so more frequently than doctors, and clarification is needed of which incidents should be reported, the process needs to be simplified, and feedback given to reporters.
The Abbey pain scale: a 1-minute numerical indicator for people with end-stage dementia.
The tool was developed with residents with end- or late-stage dementia who were unable to articulate their needs, identified by the registered nurses who knew them and showed that following pain-relief intervention the average pain score recorded using the scale fell by more than half.
Outcome in patients with eating disorders: a 5-year study
The results suggest that the efficacy of existing interventions is questionable, and predictors of outcome are identified, by extent and intensity of initial symptoms in patients with anorexia nervosa and by initial body-related attitudes and impaired psychosocial functioning in bulimia patients.
The Likert Scale
The author overviews the development of the Likert Scale and its use in epidemiology including the choice of descriptors and the number of points. (non-author abstract)
Hip joint range of motion restriction precedes athletic chronic groin injury.
It is suggested that hip stiffness is associated with later development of chronic groin injury and as such may be a risk factor for this condition.
Perceptions of working as a nurse in an acute care setting.
Examining the major sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction experienced by nurses working at a major teaching hospital in May 2000 provides some clear goals for responsive, sensitive management.
Training health professionals in smoking cessation.
Training health professionals to provide smoking cessation interventions had a measurable effect on the point prevalence of smoking, continuous abstinence and professional performance.
A secondary data analysis examining the needs of graduate nurses in their transition to a new role.
Despite the stressors faced by the majority of new graduate nurses adjusting to the rigours of practice, graduate transition can be improved by supportive institutional practices and fostering collegial respect.
Self-medication with over-the-counter drugs and complementary medications in South Australia's elderly population
Self-medication practices with CAM and OTC medicines among older Australians and variables associated with their use seemed to self-medicate in accordance with approved indications, suggesting they were informed consumers, actively looking after their own health.
Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and survival in patients with adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus.
UICC stage and completeness of resection but none of the TILs were prognostic markers for long-term survival and there was no morphologic evidence that TREGs suppress immunological response, represented by the infiltration of CD8(+) cells.