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Recovery of Postischemic Brain Metabolism and Function Following Treatment with a Free Radical Scavenger and Platelet‐Activating Factor Antagonists
Abstract: We have studied the metabolic and functional effects of two new platelet‐activating factor (PAF) antagonists (BN 50726 and BN 50739) and their diluent (dimethyl sulfoxide; DMSO) duringExpand
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Stimulation of K+ fluxes by diuretic drugs in human red cells.
Two different families of diuretic drugs--(i) (aryloxy)acetic acid diuretics (ethacrynic acid, tienilic acid and (--)-indacrinone) and (ii) furopyridines [(+/-)-BN 50157 andExpand
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Evidence that mammalian lignans show endogenous digitalis-like activities.
Enterolactone, a lignan that has been identified in biological samples from man and several mammals, shares with ascorbic acid and cardiac glycosides a gamma-butyrolactone. It displaces 3H-ouabainExpand
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Endogenous lignans--a potential endogenous digitalis.
Lignans are natural products formed by oxidative dimerization of monomeric phenols. A few were recently discovered in human and animal urine, semen and blood plasma but their role has never beenExpand
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Inhibition of the erythrocyte Na+, K+-pump by mammalian lignans.
Several mammalian lignans, particularly enterolactone, 3-oxy-methyl enterolactone and prestegane B are able to inhibit Na+, K+-pump activity in human red cells with IC50 of about 1 mM. The inhibitionExpand
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Recent progress in ginkgolide research
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Gaps and perspectives of new fluoroquinolones.
The gaps in the present piperazinyl-substituted fluoroquinolones include: (a) gaps in their antibacterial spectrum, varying from one fluoroquinolone to another forExpand
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Cicletanine Improves Myocardial Function Deteriorated by Ischemia/Reperfusion in Isolated Working Rat Hearts
Summary The effect of cicletanine, a novel furopyridine antihypertensive drug was compared with that of nitren-dipine, a dihydropyridine slow calcium channel blocker, on cardiac function andExpand
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Effect of BN 50739, a new platelet activating factor antagonist, on ischaemia induced ventricular arrhythmias in isolated working rat hearts.
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim was to investigate the role of platelet activating factor (PAF) in myocardial ischaemia by using BN 50739, a new specific PAF receptor antagonist with a hetrazepine framework.Expand
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Cicletanine attenuates overdrive pacing‐induced global myocardial ischemia in rabbits: possible role of cardiac cyclic nucleotides
BackgroundThis study examined whether cicletanine, an antihypertensive drug with cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitory effect, could alleviate ventricular overdrive pacing-induced myocardial ischemia inExpand
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