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The effects of dietary boric acid and borax supplementation on lipid peroxidation, antioxidant activity, and DNA damage in rats.
Results demonstrate that B supplementation (100 mg/kg) in diet decreases LPO, and enhances the antioxidant defense mechanism and vitamin status, between the boron compounds used in this study. Expand
Antihypercholesterolaemic and antioxidant activity assessment of some plants used as remedy in Turkish folk medicine.
The present study indicated that the ethanolic extracts of Agrostemma githago, Thymbra spicata and Viscum album showed potent hypocholesterolaemic activity in the mice fed with a diet containing high-cholesterol. Expand
Effects of supplemental zinc concentration on cellulose digestion and cellulolytic and total bacterial numbers in vitro
Effects of various zinc (Zn) concentrations on cellulose digestion and cellulolytic and total bacterial numbers were studied in vitro. All fermentation tubes were inoculated with a 1:10 dilution ofExpand
Effects of urea and sulfur on performance of faunate and defaunate Ramlic lambs, and some rumen and blood parameters
Defaunation, or feeding a diet supplemented with urea and sulfur in place of plant protein sources, had no effect on BW gain and there was a main effect interaction on blood methemoglobin levels. Expand
Pharmacokinetics and oral bioavailability of enrofloxacin in faunated and defaunated Angora goats.
SUMMARY The pharmacokinetic properties and bioavailability of enrofloxacin were compared after single oral administration of 5 mg/kg bw to faunated and defaunated adult Angora goats. PlasmaExpand
Effects of various quantities of Yucca schidigera powder (Deodorase) added to diets on the performance, some hematological and biochemical blood parameters, and total antioxidant capacity of laying
Una supplementation alimentaire des poules pondeuses par 100 ppm de deodorase a ameliore the production en oeufs, augmente the capacite anti-oxydante des animaux et diminue the glycemie et the cholesterolemie. Expand
Effect of Yucca schidigera extract on the concentration of rumen microorganisms in sheep
Except for an increase in pH at the 10 g/head/day level, supplementation of YSE at levels of 5, 10 and 20 g / head/day to the basal diet had no effect on microbial concentrations or pH. Expand
Bisphenol-A induced oxidative stress, inflammatory gene expression, and metabolic and histopathological changes in male Wistar albino rats: protective role of boron.
B exhibited antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and regulated metabolic and histopathological alterations in male Wistar albino rats exposed to BPA. Expand
The Effects of Babesiosis on Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage in Anatolian Black Goats Naturally Infected with Babesia ovis
The results suggest that the increases in the production of free radicals due to Babesia infection not only contribute to host-defense strategies of organisms to kill the parasite but also induce oxidative damage in other cells. Expand
Comparison of Plasma Leptin, Insulin and Thy- roid Hormone Concentrations and Some Bio- chemical Parameters Between Fat-Tailed and Thin-Tailed Sheep Breeds
Ces resultats suggerent que the regulation of the production of leptine in vivo est controlee partiellement par le metabolisme basal et le statut thyroidien de facon opposee. Expand