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Micro‐fractional ablative skin resurfacing with two novel erbium laser systems
Fractional ablation offers the potential benefits of full‐surface ablative skin resurfacing while minimizing adverse effects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety, damage profile, andExpand
Pilot Investigation of the Correlation between Histological and Clinical Effects of Infrared Fractional Resurfacing Lasers
METHODS Yucatan Black pig skin was treated with a 1,540-nm erbium (Er):glass laser (Lux1540, 15 and 30 mJ) and two 1,550-nm Er-doped fiber lasers (Fraxel SR750 and SR1500, 8, 10, and 12 mJ).Expand
Semi‐Automated method of analysis of horizontal histological sections of skin for objective evaluation of fractional devices
The treatment of skin with fractional devices creates columns of micro‐ablation or micro‐denaturation depending on the device. Since the geometric profiles of thermal damage depend on the treatmentExpand
Gain and output power measurements in an electrically excited oxygen-iodine laser with a scaled discharge
Singlet delta oxygen (SDO) yield, small signal gain, and output power have been measured in a scaled electric discharge excited oxygen?iodine laser. Two different types of discharges have been usedExpand
Compact 1J mid-IR Cr:ZnSe Laser
We report a record output energies of pulsed Cr:ZnSe lasers operating at 2.65 um. The maximum output energy of the Cr:ZnSe laser was demonstrated to be more than 1.1 J for 7 ms pulses.
Cavity Flow Ignition and Flameholding in Ethylene-Air by a Repetitively Pulsed Nanosecond Discharge 1
The results demonstrate that repetitive nanosecond pulse plasma cavity ignition of ethylene-air flows at moderate discharge pressures, P=0.2-0.25 atm, occurs via formation of multiple arc filamentsExpand
Self-adaptation Optical Effects in Photothermal Treatment of Skin Structures
Photothermal effects form basis for many uses of optical energy to treat various medical conditions. With an increase in the optical power density, thermally induced phase transitions and chemicalExpand
26th Annual Scientific Meeting
26th Annual Scientific Meeting The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Vol.26, No.4, 2009 The 26th Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery will be held January 28th-31st, 2010Expand
1 Scaling of an Electric Discharge Excited Oxygen-Iodine Laser 1
Electric discharge excited oxygen-iodine laser apparatus has been successfully scaled to increase the electric discharge volume and power, the laser mixture flow rate, and the gain path in the M=3Expand
Optimum Spectrum and Pulse Shape for Vascular Lesion Treatment : The Science Behind MaxG
The new arc lamp-based Palomar MaxG handpiece (Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc., Burlington MA) is designed for the treatment of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions in Fitzpatrick skin typesExpand