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Mechanism Design : Analysis and Synthesis
1. Introduction to Kinematics and Mechanisms. 2. Computer-Aided Mechanism Design Philosophy. 3. Displacement and Velocity Analysis. 4. Acceleration Analysis. 5. Introduction to Dynamics ofExpand
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Advanced Mechanism Design: Analysis and Synthesis
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The big picture on nanomedicine: the state of investigational and approved nanomedicine products.
UNLABELLED Developments in nanomedicine are expected to provide solutions to many of modern medicine's unsolved problems, so it is no surprise that the literature contains many articles discussingExpand
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Acute Effects of Elastic Bands During the Free-weight Barbell Back Squat Exercise on Velocity, Power, and Force Production
Stevenson, MW, Warpeha, JM, Dietz, CC, Giveans, RM, and Erdman, AG. Acute effects of elastic bands during the free-weight barbell back squat exercise on velocity, power, and force production. JExpand
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Design of an MRI-compatible robotic stereotactic device for minimally invasive interventions in the breast.
The objective of this work was to develop a robotic device to perform biopsy and therapeutic interventions in the breast with real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance. The device wasExpand
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Modern kinematics : developments in the last forty years
Ferdinand Freudenstein: Father of Modern Kinematics--A Testimonial (G. Sandor) Type Synthesis and Creative Design (S. Kota) Planar Synthesis (S. Kramer) Spatial Linkages: Analysis and Synthesis (J.Expand
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Microdevices in medicine.
The application of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to medicine is described. Three types of biomedical devices are considered, including diagnostic microsystems, surgical microsystems, andExpand
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Interactive Slice WIM: Navigating and Interrogating Volume Data Sets Using a Multisurface, Multitouch VR Interface
We present Interactive Slice World-in-Miniature (WIM), a framework for navigating and interrogating volumetric data sets using an interface enabled by a virtual reality environment made of two display surfaces: an interactive multitouch table, and a stereoscopic display wall. Expand
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Design by Dragging: An Interface for Creative Forward and Inverse Design with Simulation Ensembles
We present an interface for exploring large design spaces as encountered in simulation-based engineering, design of visual effects, and other tasks that require tuning parameters of computationally-intensive simulations and visually evaluating results. Expand
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Feasibility of Using a Computer Modeling Approach to Study SUI Induced by Landing a Jump
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) occurs due to anatomic and/or neurologic factors involving connective tissues, muscles and nerves. Although SUI is more common in post-menopausal and multiparousExpand
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