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Cultural clash and educational diversity: Immigrant teachers' efforts to rescue the education of immigrant children in Israel
Thousands of immigrants who arrived from the former USSR during the past decade have drastically changed the Israeli educational system. However, constituting about 12% of the potential labour forceExpand
Immigrant intelligentsia and its second generation: Cultural segregation as a road to social integration?
This article deals with the recent wave of migration from the former USSR to Israel, analyses immigrant intelligentsias strategies of action in the public sphere. The authors argument is that byExpand
The impact of Jewish identity on the psychological adjustment of Soviet Jewish immigrants to Israel.
Subjects with weakest levels of Jewish identity were significantly most distressed and least satisfied with Israel, confirming the importance of the role which Jewish identity plays in the adjustment of Soviet Jewish immigrants to Israel. Expand
Confronting the languages of statehood: Theoretical and historical frameworks for the analysis of the multilingual identity of the Russian Jewish intelligentsia in Isra
This paper reviews sociological analysis of the transformation of the link between language and identity among Soviet Jewish immigrants in Israel, focusing on their common desire for Russian languageExpand
English as a central component of success in the professional and social integration of scientists from the former Soviet Union in Israel
More than 13,000 scientists from the former Soviet Union have arrived in Israel since 1988. The purpose of this study is to analyze certain factors that influence immigrant scientists' integrationExpand
Languages of Science in the Era of Nation-state Formation: The Israeli Universities and Their (non)Participation in the Revival of Hebrew
This paper presents sociological analysis of the linguistic and cultural identity of two of Israel's most influential and high-ranked universities during their formative years, that were also the deExpand
For the peoples of the promised land: Intellectual and social origins of Jewish pacifism in Israel∗
PACIFISM AND CONSCIENTIOUS objection in Israel, especially during the period that preceded the Six-Day War (1967), has generally been ignored by Israeli scholars. Only two books touch upon the issueExpand
State-mediated “hierarchy of diversities” and the freedom of individual self-identification: Towards a dynamic liberal model of muticulturalism
Abstract The contemporary choice is between society structured as a set of ethnically determined communities and the liberal society, which acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual as well asExpand
Adult Language Education in a Multilingual Situation: The Post-Soviet Immigrants in Israel
The issues related to language education in the trilingual situation are discussed in this study, referring to the experience of the post-Soviet Jewish intelligentsia in Israel. While most immigrantsExpand