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Electing to Fight: Why Emerging Democracies Go to War
Electing to Fight: Why Emerging Democracies Go to War. By Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005. 300p. $32.95. Edward Mansfield and Jack Snyder's articleExpand
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Third-Party Intervention and the Civil War Process
What effect do third parties have on the evolution of civil wars? The authors argue that intervention by third parties is central to the civil war process, a process that is characterized by theExpand
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Killing Time: The World Politics of Civil War Duration, 1820–1992
Policymakers often trumpet the potential for third parties to stop the killing associated with civil wars, yet third parties as strategic actors also have incentives to encourage longer civil wars.Expand
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Regime Changes and Interstate Conflict, 1816-1992
Are domestic regime changes catalysts for interstate conflict? How does this relationship vary across different types of regime change? Do regime changes affect the vulnerability and aggressivenessExpand
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Bringing Cooperation Back In: A Dynamic Model of Interstate Interaction
In an earlier article (Crescenzi & Enterline, 2001), we developed a formal, dynamic model of the cooperative and conflictual dimensions central to interstate relationships. However, the empiricalExpand
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Time Remembered: A Dynamic Model of Interstate Interaction
Over time, states form relationships. These relationships, mosaics of past interactions, provide political leaders with information about how states are likely to behave in the future. AlthoughExpand
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Perfect Storms?
What explains variation in domestic political instability in polities imposed by foreign powers? We formulate a framework grounded in four sources of political instability in imposed polities: (1)Expand
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Statistical Characterization of a World Wide Web Browsing Session
The growing availability of Internet access has led to a sharp increase in the use of the World Wide Web(WWW). Expand
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The History of Imposed Democracy and the Future of Iraq and Afghanistan
What does history tells us about the prospects for democracy in post-invasion Iraq and Afghanistan? American policy makers frequently referenced the post-World War II success stories of Germany andExpand
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Ripples from the Waves? A Systemic, Time-Series Analysis of Democracy, Democratization, and Interstate War
Few puzzles in international relations research have received as much attention as the relationship between political regimes and interstate conflict. Here we examine a particular aspect of thisExpand
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