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Changes in hypopharyngeal airway space and in tongue and hyoid bone positions following the surgical correction of mandibular prognathism.
This study was aimed at measuring the changes in the hyoid bone position, tongue position, and hypopharyngeal airway space in subjects with mandibular setback osteotomies. Lateral cephalometricExpand
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Cephalometric evaluation of open bite treatment with NiTi arch wires and anterior elastics.
The aim of this study was to evaluate cephalometrically the effects of open bite treatment with NiTi arch wires and anterior elastics. The study group comprised of 17 patients who displayed a highExpand
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Lower incisor retraction with a modified corticotomy.
This case report demonstrates the orthodontic treatment facilitated with a new conservative corticotomy technique to shorten the treatment time during lower incisor retraction. The patient was aExpand
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Analysis of soft tissue profile changes associated with mandibular setback and double-jaw surgeries.
The soft tissue profile changes resulting from double-jaw surgery (maxillary advancement and mandibular setback) and mandibular setback alone were evaluated. The measurements were evaluated on theExpand
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The Effect of Cleft Lip Repair on Maxillary Morphology in Patients with Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate
&NA; This study was performed to investigate the isolated effects of cleft lip repair on maxillary morphology in patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. We compared 10 adult patientsExpand
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Functional regulator therapy in treatment of skeletal open-bite.
A study was performed on the functional regulator, Fränkel appliance (FR4) in order to test its efficiency in the treatment of patients with skeletal open-bite. Pretreatment and post-treatmentExpand
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Facemask therapy with rigid anchorage in a patient with maxillary hypoplasia and severe oligodontia.
In this report, we describe the treatment of a 10-year-old girl with a Class III skeletal relationship with maxillary hypoplasia and severe oligodontia. The maxillary arch was in a complete crossbiteExpand
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A method for correction of open bite.
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[Frankel III appliance].
FR III is a functional regulator appliance developed by Professor Rolf Frankel. This appliance is used in the treatment of Class III malocclusions. Optimum treatment results can be achieved when theExpand
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