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An Advanced Protection Scheme for Enabling an LVDC Last Mile Distribution Network
  • A. Emhemed, G. Burt
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
  • 18 November 2013
This paper presents an advanced protection scheme that addresses the outstanding challenges for protecting an LVDC last mile distribution network, in addition to achieving fault limitation and fast reliable restoration. Expand
Validation of fast and selective protection scheme for an LVDC distribution network
Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) distribution systems potentially enable more efficient power distribution and wider uptake of distributed renewables and energy storage. They do however presentExpand
Review and Evaluation of the State of the Art of DC Fault Detection for HVDC Grids
This paper reviews the state of the art of DC fault discrimination and detection methods of HVDC grids, and summarises the underlying principles and the characteristics of each method. Expand
Validation of Fast and Selective Protection Scheme for an LVDC Distribution Network
Low-voltage direct-current (LVDC) distribution systems potentially enable more efficient power distribution and wider uptake of distributed renewables and energy storage. They do, however, presentExpand
Fault analysis of an active LVDC distribution network for utility applications
Low Voltage DC (LVDC) distribution systems are new promising technologies which can potentially improve the efficiency and controllability of existing LV distribution networks. However, they doExpand
Feasibility of direct current street lighting & integrated electric vehicle charging points
In the context of the energy trilemma (the provision of sustainable, affordable, reliable energy) the application of Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) distribution offers several advantages over theExpand
Analysis of Transient Stability Enhancement of LV-Connected Induction Microgenerators by Using Resistive-Type Fault Current Limiters
In this paper an analytical method by which the transient stability of an induction machine is maintained regardless of the fault clearance times is introduced. The method can be applied in order toExpand
Simulation-based Validation of Smart Grids - Status Quo and Future Research Trends
This paper discusses the current state of simulation-based approaches and outlines the necessary future research and development directions in the domain of power and energy systems and addresses smart grid validation needs. Expand
Cyber-physical energy systems modeling, test specification, and co-simulation based testing
The gradual deployment of intelligent and coordinated devices in the electrical power system needs careful investigation of the interactions between the various domains involved. Expand
The effectiveness of using IEC61660 for characterising short-circuit currents of future low voltage DC distribution networks
Low voltage direct current (LVDC) distribution systems have the potential to be considered as an enabler of increased penetration of distributed renewables, electric vehicles, and heat pump systems.Expand