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Fractional-order circuits and systems: An emerging interdisciplinary research area
  • A. Elwakil
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine
  • 22 November 2010
A recent article published in this magazine has labeled fractional-order continuous-time systems as the "21st century systems". Indeed, this emerging research area is slowly gaining momentum amongExpand
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On the practical realization of higher-order filters with fractional stepping
We propose the use of a compact integer-order transfer function approximation of the fractional-order Laplacian operator s^@a to realize fractional-step filters. Lowpass and bandpass filters ofExpand
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Construction of classes of circuit-independent chaotic oscillators using passive-only nonlinear devices
Two generic classes of chaotic oscillators comprising four different configurations are constructed. The proposed structures are based on the simplest possible abstract models of generic second-orderExpand
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First-Order Filters Generalized to the fractional Domain
Traditional continuous-time filters are of integer order. However, using fractional calculus, filters may also be represented by the more general fractional-order differential equations in which caseExpand
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Field programmable analogue array implementation of fractional step filters
In this study, the authors propose the use of field programmable analogue array hardware to implement an approximated fractional step transfer function of order (n+α) where n is an integer and 0 < αExpand
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Measurement of Supercapacitor Fractional-Order Model Parameters From Voltage-Excited Step Response
In this paper, we propose using a numerically solved least squares fitting process to estimate the impedance parameters of a fractional order model of supercapacitors from their voltage excited stepExpand
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Improved implementation of Chua's chaotic oscillator using current feedback op amp
An improved implementation of Chua's chaotic oscillator is proposed. The new realization combines attractive features of the current feedback op amp (CFOA) operating in both voltage and current modesExpand
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Chua's circuit decomposition: a systematic design approach for chaotic oscillators
Abstract The fact that Chua's circuit can be physically decomposed into a sinusoidal oscillator coupled to an active voltage-controlled nonlinear resistor is demonstrated. The sinusoidal oscillatorExpand
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Fractional-step Tow-Thomas biquad filters
In this paper we propose the use of fractional capacitors in the Tow-Thomas biquad to realize both fractional lowpass and asymmetric bandpass filters of order 0 <α 1 + α2 ≤ 2, where α1 and α2 are theExpand
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A semi-systematic procedure for producing chaos from sinusoidal oscillators using diode-inductor and FET-capacitor composites
A design procedure for producing chaos is proposed. The procedure aims to transfer design issues of analog autonomous chaotic oscillators from the nonlinear domain back to the much simpler linearExpand
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