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A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Calculators on Students' Achievement and Attitude Levels in Precollege Mathematics Classes
The findings of 54 research studies were integrated through meta-analysis to determine the effects of calculators on student achievement and attitude levels. Effect sizes were generated throughExpand
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The Effects of Non-CAS Graphing Calculators on Student Achievement and Attitude Levels in Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis.
Forty-two studies comparing students with access to graphing calculators during instruction to students who did not have access to graphing calculators during instruction are the subject of thisExpand
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Aptamer beacons for the direct detection of proteins.
We have designed a new class of molecules, which we term aptamer beacons, for detecting a wide range of ligands. Similar to molecular beacons, aptamer beacons can adopt two or more conformations, oneExpand
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ABSTRACT In Fall 2004, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) piloted a modeling-based approach to college algebra. This paper describes the course and an assessment that was conducted to determineExpand
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RNA architecture dictates the conformations of a bound peptide.
BACKGROUND The biological function of several viral and bacteriophage proteins, and their arginine-rich subdomains, involves RNA-mediated interactions. It has been shown recently that bound peptidesExpand
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Analysis of the CYT-18 protein binding site at the junction of stacked helices in a group I intron RNA by quantitative binding assays and in vitro selection.
The Neurospora crassa mitochondrial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase (CYT-18 protein) functions in splicing group I introns by promoting the formation of the catalytically active structure of the intron RNA.Expand
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Effectively coaching middle school teachers: A case for teacher and student learning
Abstract In this paper we report findings from a two-year, large-scale research project that describes the work of middle school mathematics specialists (also referred to as mathematics coaches orExpand
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Using Multimedia to Facilitate Software Instruction in an Introductory Modeling Course
Multimedia tutorials were developed to introduce basic software functions to students in an introductory operations research modeling course. Expand
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The Calculator's role in mathematics Attitude
Abstract The results of twenty-seven studies on the effect of calculators on students' attitudes toward mathematics are summarized in this article. The statistical process of meta-analysis was usedExpand
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