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Demand and Supply Dynamics for Sequentially Released Products in International Markets: The Case of Motion Pictures
We develop an econometric model to study a setting in which a new product is launched first in its domestic market and only at a later stage in foreign markets, and where the product's performanceExpand
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The Motion Picture Industry: Critical Issues in Practice, Current Research, and New Research Directions
Laminar articles are disclosed comprising a heterogeneous melt of (a) a polyolefin, (b) a barrier resin comprising a blend of a condensation polymer incompatible with the polyolefin such as aExpand
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The Power of Stars: Do Star Actors Drive the Success of Movies?
Is the involvement of stars critical to the success of motion pictures? Film studios, which regularly pay multimillion-dollar fees to stars, seem to be driven by that belief. This article sheds lightExpand
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Should You Invest in the Long Tail
Are blockbusters losing their power now that online retailing can offer a little something for every taste? The answer may surprise you.
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The effectiveness of pre-release advertising for motion pictures: An empirical investigation using a simulated market
We use data on a movie’s stock price as it trades on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, a popular online market simulation, to study the impact of movie advertising. Expand
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The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements
ABSTRACT What is the pay-off to enlisting celebrity endorsers? Although effects on stock returns are relatively well documented, little is known about any impact on sales—arguably a metric of moreExpand
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Superstars and Underdogs: An Examination of the Long Tail Phenomenon in Video Sales
The rise of online channels facilitates the distribution of a wide range of products and services. Academics and industry observers agree that online distribution will fundamentally change the numberExpand
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Bye-Bye Bundles: The Unbundling of Music in Digital Channels
Fueled by digital distribution, unbundling is prevalent in many information and entertainment industries. What is the effect of this unbundling on sales, and what bundle characteristics drive thisExpand
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Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment
Whatever our proffesion, blockbusters hit making risk taking and the big business of entertainment can be good resource for reading. Find the existing documents of word, txt, kindle, ppt, zip, pdf,Expand
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