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The response of nonlinear controlled system under an external excitation via time delay state feedback
Abstract An analysis of primary, superharmonic of order five, and subharmonic of order one-three resonances for non-linear s.d.o.f. system with two distinct time-delays under an external excitationExpand
Optical parameters of epitaxial GaN thin film on Si substrate from the reflection spectrum
Abstract A method has been proposed for determining the optical properties of a thin film layer on absorbing substrates. The film optical parameters such as thickness, refractive index, absorptionExpand
Simultaneous Uptake of Multiple Amino Acids by Wheat
Wheat plants had the highest affinity (lowest K m values) for glutamine followed by tryptophan, alanine, arginine, glycine, and serine, which showed a similar uptake pattern to all of the tested amino acids. Expand
Chenopodium quinoa Willd. A new cash crop halophyte for saline regions of Egypt
Increasing most of essential minerals, especially Fe, in quinoa seeds produced under high saline conditions given quinoa a distinctive value for human consumption. Expand
On the dynamical problem of a generalized thermoelastic granular infinite cylinder under initial stress
The object of the present paper is to investigate the influence of initial stress on the waves propagation in a generalized thermoelastic granular medium subjected to the boundary conditions that theExpand
Copper complexes of some tetra‐ and pentapeptides containing polyfunctional amino acids
Copper complexes of some tetra- and pentapeptides [(I)-(VI)] containing lysine and ornithine are spectrophotometrically examined. It is shown that all tetra- and pentapeptides form red or reddishExpand
Synthesis of some 2-(N-protected or free aminoacyl or N-tosyltripeptide)-aminophenazines, aminonaphthophenazines and 4-(N-protected or free aminoacyl or N-tosyltripeptide)aminophenazone derivatives
The syntheses of different 2-(N-tosyl- or N-phthalyl- or free aminoacyl or N-tosyltripeptide)-aminophenazines, and the corresponding derivatives of 2-aminonaphthophenazines and some derivatives ofExpand