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Applications on medium-term forecasting for loads and energy scales by using Artificial Neural Network
In this paper, forecasting estimation for medium- term period by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) techniques has been implemented. The actual data are obtained from The Egyptian Electric Holding
Comparison of multi-carrier and SHE-PWM for a nine levels cascaded H-bridge inverter
The comparison between MCB-SPWM and SHE-PWM is done for a nine levels cascaded H-bridge (CHB) inverter with asymmetrical type to show the advantages of two types of PWM techniques.
Short-term load forecasting investigations of Egyptian electrical network using ANNs
Load forecasting is the one of the most essential role of electric power systems as it absolutely shares the system opportunity. It is responsible for repairing the planning for future. Artificial
Suggested flicker monitoring system based on wavelet transform
The present paper suggests two routines to diagnosis the Flicker by using discrete Wavelet analysis. The routines aim to classify the Flicker voltage limits of studied signals as acceptable or not,
Flicker evaluation considering power system disturbances becomes a challenging task. This paper introduces voltage fluctuation and flicker analysis by using wavelet transform. A method of applying
Suggested Temperature Monitoring System for Distribution Transformers by Using Microcontroller Scheme
The paper presents a monitoring system for the cooling of distribution transformers. The suggested system is controlled by a microcontroller scheme. The system is designed to control the oil
Study of -rays Changes of the ZnO Thin Film Structural and Optical Properties
Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films in microand nanostructures size are very promising candidates for novel applications in emerging thin-film transistors, solar cells, sensors optoelectronic devices. In