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Prevalence of Depression During Pregnancy: Systematic Review
OBJECTIVE: Current estimates of the prevalence of depression during pregnancy vary widely. A more precise estimate is required to identify the level of disease burden and develop strategies forExpand
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Perinatal Risks of Untreated Depression during Pregnancy
Objective: To review the literature on the perinatal risks involved in untreated depression during pregnancy. Method: We searched Medline and medical texts for all studies pertaining to this area upExpand
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Pregnancy outcome of women using atypical antipsychotic drugs: a prospective comparative study.
BACKGROUND A substantial number of women of childbearing age suffer from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses that require the use of antipsychotic drugs. Atypical antipsychotics have been on theExpand
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Pregnancy outcome following gestational exposure to venlafaxine: a multicenter prospective controlled study.
OBJECTIVE Because there are no studies available on the safety of venlafaxine during pregnancy, the authors' goal in this study was to determine whether venlafaxine increases the risk for majorExpand
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The relationship between stress and hair cortisol in healthy pregnant women.
PURPOSE Stress has been shown to cause a large range of adverse fetal effects. This pilot study is the first attempt to examine cortisol level in the hair of pregnant women and assess its potentialExpand
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Smoking in pregnancy and lactation: a review of risks and cessation strategies
BackgroundDespite documented evidence of harm to fetus and infant, a substantial number of women continue to smoke during pregnancy and lactation.ObjectiveTo examine the literature regarding smokingExpand
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Pregnancy Outcome After Exposure to Antidepressants and the Role of Maternal Depression: Results From the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study
Abstract Results of previous studies on the safety of antidepressants during pregnancy have been conflicting. The primary objective of this study was to investigate whether first-trimester exposureExpand
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Perception of risk regarding the use of medications and other exposures during pregnancy
BackgroundPerception of risk may impact a woman’s decision to take a needed drug during pregnancy. There is a paucity of research on this topic in the literature.Objectives(1) To evaluate theExpand
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Exposure to mirtazapine during pregnancy: a prospective, comparative study of birth outcomes.
BACKGROUND Mirtazapine is a novel piperazinoazepine antidepressant, unrelated to any known class of antidepressants. Currently, apart from a few case reports and case series in the literature, thereExpand
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Reliability and validity of the 4-item perceived stress scale among pregnant women: results from the OTIS antidepressants study.
We aimed to estimate the reliability of the 4-item Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and its validity in predicting maternal depression and quality of life (QoL). Data regarding stress, depression and QoLExpand
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