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Matter matters in asymptotically safe quantum gravity
We investigate the compatibility of minimally coupled scalar, fermion and gauge fields with asymptotically safe quantum gravity, using nonperturbative functional Renormalization Group methods. We
Viability of quantum-gravity induced ultraviolet completions for matter
We highlight how the existence of an ultraviolet completion for interacting Standard-Model type matter puts constraints on the viable microscopic dynamics of asymptotically safe quantum gravity
Asymptotic safety casts its shadow
We set out to bridge the gap between regular black-hole spacetimes and observations of a black-hole shadow by the Event Horizon Telescope. We explore modifications of spinning and non-spinning
Continuum limit in matrix models for quantum gravity from the Functional Renormalization Group
We consider the double-scaling limit in matrix models for two-dimensional quantum gravity, and establish the nonperturbative functional Renormalization Group as a novel technique to compute the
Impact of tropical Atlantic sea-surface temperature biases on the simulated atmospheric circulation and precipitation over the Atlantic region: An ECHAM6 model study
As many coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models, the coupled Earth System Model developed at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology suffers from severe sea-surface temperature (SST)
Quantum-gravity-induced matter self-interactions in the asymptotic-safety scenario
We investigate the high-energy properties of matter theories coupled to quantum gravity. Specifically, we show that quantum gravity fluctuations generically induce matter self-interactions in a
Probing the quantum nature of spacetime by diffusion
Many approaches to quantum gravity have resorted to diffusion processes to characterize the spectral properties of the resulting quantum spacetimes. We critically discuss these quantum-improved
Towards phase transitions between discrete and continuum quantum spacetime from the Renormalization Group
We establish the functional Renormalization Group as an exploratory tool to investigate a possible phase transition between a pre-geometric discrete phase and a geometric continuum phase in quantum
An Asymptotically Safe Guide to Quantum Gravity and Matter
  • A. Eichhorn
  • Physics
    Front. Astron. Space Sci.
  • 17 October 2018
Asymptotic safety generalizes asymptotic freedom and could contribute to understanding physics beyond the Standard Model. It is a candidate scenario to provide an ultraviolet extension for the