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Phase 3 Trials of Ixekizumab in Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis.
  • A. Egeberg
  • Medicine
  • The New England journal of medicine
  • 24 November 2016
n engl j med 375;21 nejm.org November 24, 2016 2101 the threshold for minimal residual disease, and longer survival with inotuzumab ozogamicin than with standard care. More patients in the safetyExpand
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Rosacea and gastrointestinal disorders: a population‐based cohort study
Rosacea is a common inflammatory facial skin condition. Recent genetic and epidemiological studies have suggested pathogenic links between rosacea and gastrointestinal disorders, but data are limited.
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The risk of depression, suicidal ideation and suicide attempt in patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis
Sparse information is available concerning mental health issues in psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS) patients.
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Incidence and Prevalence of Psoriasis in Denmark.
The incidence and temporal trends of psoriasis in Denmark between 2003 and 2012 were examined. There was a female predominance ranging between 50.0% (2007) and 55.4% (2009), and the mean age at timeExpand
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Safety, efficacy and drug survival of biologics and biosimilars for moderate‐to‐severe plaque psoriasis
Real‐life data on newer biological and biosimilar agents for moderate‐to‐severe psoriasis are lacking.
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Autoimmune diseases in adults with atopic dermatitis
Background: An increased susceptibility to autoimmune disease has been shown in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), but data remain scarce and inconsistent. Objective: We examined the co‐occurrenceExpand
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Psoriasis and Sleep Apnea: A Danish Nationwide Cohort Study.
STUDY OBJECTIVES Psoriasis and sleep apnea are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Although both diseases have been linked with systemic inflammation, studies on their potentialExpand
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Comparing the donor-site morbidity using DIEP, SIEA or MS-TRAM flaps for breast reconstructive surgery: a meta-analysis.
BACKGROUND Countless studies have compared the use of autologous tissue for breast reconstruction; however, rates of donor-site morbidity differ greatly. This study examined the donor-site morbidityExpand
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Association between psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease: a Danish nationwide cohort study
Psoriasis, Crohn disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) are chronic inflammatory disorders with overlapping genetic architecture. However, data on the frequency and risk of CD and UC in psoriasisExpand
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