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The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS)
The final version published in MNRAS August 2007 included significant revisions including significant revisions to the original version April 2006.
The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample — I. The compilation of the sample and the cluster log N—log S distribution
We present a 90 per cent flux-complete sample of the 201 X-ray-brightest clusters of galaxies in the northern hemisphere (δ ≥ 0°), at high Galactic latitudes (|b| ≥ 20°), with measured redshifts z ≤
Properties of the X-ray-brightest Abell-type clusters of galaxies (XBACs) from ROSAT All-Sky Survey data - I. The sample
We present an essentially complete, all-sky, X-ray flux limi ted sample of 242 Abell clusters of galaxies (six of which are double) compiled from ROSAT All-Sky Survey data. Our sample is
The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample - IV. The extended sample
We present a low-flux extension of the X-ray-selected ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample (BCS) published in Paper I of this series. Like the original BCS and employing an identical selection procedure,
MACS: A Quest for the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters in the Universe
We describe the design and current status of a new X-ray cluster survey aimed at the compilation of a statistically complete sample of very X-ray luminous (and thus, by inference, massive), distant
A complete sample of 12 very x-ray luminous galaxy clusters at z >0.5
We present the statistically complete and cosmologically most relevant subset of the 12 most distant galaxy clusters detected at z > 0.5 by the Massive Cluster Survey (MACS). Ten of these systems are
A ROSAT study of the cores of clusters of galaxies — I. Cooling flows in an X-ray flux-limited sample
ABSTRA C T This is the first part of a study of the detailed X-ray properties of the cores of nearby clusters. We have used the flux-limited sample of 55 clusters listed by Edge et al., and archival
The ROSAT-ESO Flux Limited X-ray (REFLEX) Galaxy cluster survey. V. The cluster catalogue
We present the catalogue of the REFLEX Cluster Survey providing information on the X-ray properties, redshifts, and some identification details of the clusters in the REFLEX sample. The catalogue
Intense star formation within resolved compact regions in a galaxy at z = 2.3
Observations of the sub-millimetre galaxy SMMJ2135-0102, which has been gravitationally magnified by a factor of 32 by a massive foreground galaxy cluster lens, find that the luminosity densities of these star-forming regions are comparable to the dense cores of giant molecular clouds in the local Universe, but they are about a hundred times larger and 107 times more luminous.
The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample — III. Optical spectra of the central cluster galaxies
We present new spectra of dominant galaxies in X-ray selected clusters of galaxies, which combine with our previously published spectra to form a sample of 256 dominant galaxies in 215 clusters. 177