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The mathematical theory of relativity
Introduction 1. Elementary principles 2. The tensor calculus 3. The law of gravitation 4. Relativity mechanics 5. Curvature of space and time 6. Electricity 7. World geometry Supplementary notesExpand
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The Internal Constitution of the Stars
LAST year at Bournemouth we listened to a proposal from the President of the Association to bore a hole in the crust of the earth and discover the conditions deep down below the surface. Expand
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The Nature of the Physical World
Preface Introduction 1. The downfall of classical physics 2. Relativity 3. Time 4. The running-down of the universe 5. 'Becoming' 6. Gravitation: the law 7. Gravitation: the explanation 8. Man'sExpand
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A Determination of the Deflection of Light by the Sun's Gravitational Field, from Observations Made at the Total Eclipse of May 29, 1919
1. The purpose of the expeditions was to determine what effect, if any, is produced by a gravitational field on the path of a ray of light traversing it. Apart from possible surprises, there appearedExpand
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Principles of Stellar Dynamics
AS a subject progresses the attractive simplicity of the early researches gives place to laborious elaboration. In the last three years, Dr. Chandrasekhar has been very active in the mathematicalExpand
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The internal constitution of the stars
Foreword Preface 1. Survey of the problem 2. Thermodynamics of radiation 3. Quantum theory 4. Polytropic gas spheres 5. Radiative equilibrium 6. Solution of the equations 7. The mass-luminosity relation 8. Variable stars 9. The coefficient of opacity . Expand
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“The Philosophy of Physical Science”
IT is difficult to answer Sir James Jeans within the space of a letter; but I will begin with his statement (c). This is simply a statement of fact. Except in cosmological investigations,Expand
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A Comparison of Whitehead's and Einstein's Formulæ
IN Whitehead's theory of gravitation, as in Einstein's, the tracks of particles in a gravitational field are determined by the condition that a certain integral taken along the track is stationary.Expand
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Stellar movements and the structure of the universe
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Space, Time and Gravitation
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