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Strain in nursing care of people with dementia: Nurses’ experience in Australia, Sweden and United Kingdom
Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore nurses’ experience of strain in dementia care. Method: Focus groups were held with 35 nurses in Sweden, Australia and UK, who care for people withExpand
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Older people in Sweden with various degrees of present quality of life: their health, social support, everyday activities and sense of coherence.
Public health policies in most European countries are concerned with how to keep older people living independently with a qualitatively good life in the community as long as possible. However,Expand
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Hospital admissions among people 65+ related to multimorbidity, municipal and outpatient care.
This study aimed at examine the number of planned and acute hospital admissions during 1 year among people 65+ and its relation to municipal care, outpatient care, multimorbidity, age and sex. FourExpand
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Being Different and Vulnerable: Experiences of Immigrant African Women Who Have Been Circumcised and Sought Maternity Care in Sweden
The purpose of the study was to explore the encounters with the health care system in Sweden of women from Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan who have been genitally cut. A qualitative study was performedExpand
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The transition from rookie to genuine nurse: narratives from Swedish nurses 1 year after graduation.
This article describes nurses' experiences during their first year after graduation, based on the qualitative content analysis of eight interviews. The results show that the nurses experienced aExpand
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Self-reported health complaints and their prediction of overall and health-related quality of life among elderly people.
OBJECTIVE To describe and compare self-reported health complaints, overall and health-related quality of life and to investigate how health complaints, age, gender, marital status, living andExpand
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Living with persistent pain: experiences of older people receiving home care.
BACKGROUND Although the topic of pain among older people has received increasing interest, little is still known about how pain is experienced or handled by those who no longer manage independentlyExpand
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A qualitative study of women's experiences of home birth in Sweden.
OBJECTIVE to illuminate the experiences of women who have given birth at home. METHODS a descriptive design with a qualitative approach based on interviews with 12 women. The text was analysedExpand
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Old people receiving municipal care, their experiences of what constitutes a good life in the last phase of life: a qualitative study.
BACKGROUND Old people's life situation when receiving municipal help and care in their last period of life is sparsely investigated from their own perspective. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study wasExpand
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Effects of Clinical Supervision on Nurse-Patient Cooperation Quality
An intervention consisting of individualized planned care for patients and regular clinical systematic supervision for nurses was carried out on a ward for dementia care (the experimental ward, EW).Expand
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