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Periodontal disease definition may determine the association between periodontitis and pregnancy outcomes.
AIM The aim of this secondary analysis is to explore whether the application of different definition criteria of periodontitis, used in other similar studies, has an influence on the significance ofExpand
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Pathophysiologic relationship between Alzheimer's disease, cerebrovascular disease, and cardiovascular risk: A review and synthesis
As the population ages due to demographic trends and gains in life expectancy, the incidence and prevalence of dementia increases, and the need to understand the etiology and pathogenesis of dementiaExpand
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Association between periodontitis in pregnancy and preterm or low birth weight: Review of the literature.
The aim of this paper is to descibe the pathogenic mechanisms that could explain the relationship between periodontitis and adverse pregnancy outcomes, and to review the evidence from systematicExpand
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A randomized clinical trial on the clinical and microbiological efficacy of a xanthan gel with chlorhexidine for subgingival use
BackgroundThe main indication of the adjunctive use of local antimicrobials lies around situations in which the outcome of non-surgical mechanical treatment results in a limited number of residualExpand
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Adherence to supportive periodontal treatment
Like any other chronic disease, periodontal disease can be treated, but not eradicated. Personal maintenance of periodontal health requires the continuous elimination of bacterial accumulation at theExpand
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Historia de la genética en México
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Alfonso Luis Herrera e Isaac Ochoterena: la institucionalización de la biología en México
This paper talks about the aspects more conspicuous in the process of biology science institutionalization in Mexico and the role that Alfonso Luis Herrera and Isaac Ochoteresa had on it. AccordingExpand
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Genetic Mutation: The Development of the Concept and its Evolutionary Implications
Nowadays, mutation means a change in the kind, number, or nucleotide sequence of the genetic material (Herskowitz, 1962), a heritable change in a chromosome (Watson, 1977), or a change in theExpand