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The mechanisms of the Stille reaction.
As important advances are being made in the understanding of the mechanistic details of the process, it is becoming increasingly possible to apply this essential reaction and its new variants in a less empirical way.
Fullerenes from aromatic precursors by surface-catalysed cyclodehydrogenation
This work reports the formation of C60 and the triazafullerene C57N3 from aromatic precursors using a highly efficient surface-catalysed cyclodehydrogenation process, and finds that after deposition onto a platinum (111) surface and heating to 750 K, the precursor molecules are transformed into the corresponding fullerene and triazaFULlerene molecules with about 100 per cent yield.
Intramolecular reactions of alkynes with furans and electron rich arenes catalyzed by PtCl2: the role of platinum carbenes as intermediates.
On the basis of DFT calculations, a cyclopropyl platinacarbene complex was found as the key intermediate in the process, and dicarbonyl compounds are obtained, which support the proposed mechanism.
Divergent Behavior of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) in the Metalation of 1,3-Di(2-pyridyl)benzene
1,3-Di(2-pyridyl)benzene undergoes regioselective orthometalation with Pd(OAc)2 on the central aryl ring, giving rise to a dimeric complex in which four acetate units act as bridges between two
Higher Acenes by On‐Surface Dehydrogenation: From Heptacene to Undecacene
Abstract A unified approach to the synthesis of the series of higher acenes up to previously unreported undecacene has been developed through the on‐surface dehydrogenation of partially saturated
Nonacene Generated by On-Surface Dehydrogenation.
The thermally induced dehydrogenation uncovered the isomerization of intermediate dihydrononacene species, which allowed for their in-depth structural and electronic characterization.
A multipurpose gold(I) precatalyst.
[Au(tmbn)(2)](SbF(6)) is the first gold(I) complex supported by two nitrile ligands that is indefinitely stable at room temperature. This is a highly versatile precatalyst that can be used for the