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Role congruity theory of prejudice toward female leaders.
A role congruity theory of prejudice toward female leaders proposes that perceived incongruity between the female gender role and leadership roles leads to 2 forms of prejudice: (a) perceiving womenExpand
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Sex differences in social behavior : a social-role interpretation
Contents: The Analysis of Sex Differences in Social Behavior: A New Theory and a New Method. Sex Differences in Helping Behavior. Sex Differences in Aggressive Behavior. Sex Differences in OtherExpand
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The psychology of attitudes.
This is the only truly comprehensive advanced level textbook in the past 20 years designed for courses in the pscyhology of attitudes and related studies in attitude measurement, social cognition.Expand
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Female Leadership Advantage and Disadvantage: Resolving the Contradictions
In the United States, women are increasingly praised for having excellent skills for leadership and, in fact, women, more than men, manifest leadership styles associated with effective performance asExpand
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Gender and Leadership Style: A Meta-Analysis
Research comparing the leadership styles of women and men is reviewed, and evidence is found for both the presence and the absence of differences between the sexes. In contrast to theExpand
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Transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles: a meta-analysis comparing women and men.
A meta-analysis of 45 studies of transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles found that female leaders were more transformational than male leaders and also engaged in moreExpand
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Through the labyrinth: The truth about how women become leaders.
Despite real progress, women remain rare enough in elite positions of power that their presence still evokes a sense of wonder. In Through the Labyrinth, Alice Eagly and Linda Carli examine whyExpand
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The female leadership advantage: An evaluation of the evidence
Abstract Journalists and authors of trade books increasingly assert a female advantage in leadership, whereby women are more likely than men to lead in a style that is effective under contemporaryExpand
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The Origins Of Sex Differences In Human Behavior: Evolved Dispositions Versus Social Roles
The origins of sex differences in human behavior can lie mainly in evolved dispositions that differ by sex or mainly in the differing placement of women and men in the social structure. The presentExpand
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