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Factors affecting quality of fresh-cut horticultural products
In the 0-10°C range, Q,o of respiration rates ranged from 2.0 to 8.6 among various fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and low 02 and elevated CO* atmosphere reduced the respiration rate; however, the respiratory quotient approached 3.0 with some fresh-cuts. Expand
Changes in microbial populations on fresh cut spinach.
The microbial populations found on fresh-cut spinach leaves that were stored in gas permeable bags at 10 degrees C for 12 days were examined and identified and it was indicated that the microorganisms were not present on the surface of healthy unbroken leaves. Expand
Quality of fresh-cut produce
Abstract Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are highly perishable due to damaged and exposed tissues and lack of protective skin. Disorders arising from processing can be minimized by the use of sharpExpand
Microbial populations of fresh-cut spinach leaves affected by controlled atmospheres
Low oxygen atmospheres could be used to control spoilage micro-organisms on cut spinach leaves for at least 7 days, so long as the storage does not exceed 5 °C. Expand
Modified Atmosphere Maintains Quality of Fresh‐cut Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L.)
Fresh-cut cantaloupe cubes were placed in film-sealed containers in which the internal gas mixture was attained naturally (nMAP), was flushed with 4 kPa O 2 plus 10 kPa CO 2 (fMAP), or was maintainedExpand
Calcium Treatments Affect Storage Quality of Shredded Carrots
Carrot shreds, sticks and slices were dipped in solutions of CaCl 2 alone, or with chlorine and stored at 0, 5 or 10 o C to determine the effects of calcium (Ca) on storage quality. A 0.5% or 1% CaClExpand
Characteristics of fresh-cut honeydew (Cucumis xmelo L.) available to processors in winter and summer and its quality maintenance by modified atmosphere packaging
Quality characteristics and physiology of fresh-cut honeydew cubes harvested in summer and winter were evaluated. Sanitized melon cubes were packaged and held at three different atmospheres;Expand
Storage of Spinach Under Low Oxygen Atmosphere Above the Extinction Point
The extinction point of spinach was ,0.4% but above 0.2% O2 at 07 and 57C. Respiration rates were ’2.3 times greater at 57C than at 07C and were similar among cultivars. In 0.8% O2 atmosphere, O2Expand
Quality and Microbial Changes of Fresh-cut Mango Cubes Held in Controlled Atmosphere
The marketable period of fresh-cut 'Tommy Atkins' and 'Kent' mango cubes was 3 to 5 days at 10 °C and 5 to 8 days at 5 °C. The marketable period was extended by 1 to 2 days when cubes were held in aExpand